How To Soft & Hard Reset Htc U11?

It is recommended that you remove your phone battery before resettings your phone. Once the device reboots, you can power it down and hold down the power button and volume down button together until the phone reboots successfully.

How do I soft reset my HTC U11?

You can reset your HTC U11 by holding down the power and volume down buttons at the same time. Once you see the device shutting down, press the power button to turn it on again.

How do I hard reset my HTC U11?

You have to shut off the phone by pressing and holding the power button for about 10 seconds. Once off, you have to press and hold the Volume Down button and the Power button at the same time until you see the Android logo on the screen. Release all buttons when you see the Android icon. Now press and hold the Volume Up button until you see “Factory Reset”. Press Volume Down to select it and release. Press Power to confirm.

How do I do a soft reset on my HTC phone?

There is no hard reset or soft reset on an HTC phone. To perform a soft reset, just enter the phone’s settings and choose “reset all”. From there, you’ll be asked to choose between a factory reset and a data wipe.

What is soft reset and hard reset?

A “soft” reset will restore your phone’s settings, like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings, without any damage to the operating system (and without restoring all your data on the device). A hard reset, on the other hand, will erase all of the data on your phone and make it “factory fresh”. A hard reset will also wipe your device’s operating system clean.

How do I turn off my HTC U11?

If you want to shut your HTC U11 down, you can press and hold the power button for about ten seconds.

How do I manually reboot?

Some people use the “alt” key to reboot a computer. Another way is to hold down the “alt” key and press the power button at the same time.

How do I force restart my HTC phone?

You can force restart your HTC phone by holding down the power button for at least 10 seconds. You can also try the power button and the volume down button simultaneously for about 10 seconds.

How do I boot my HTC into recovery mode?

You must hold the Home button for a few seconds while the device is booting. Then, when you see the HTC logo flash on the screen, release both buttons.

How can I reboot my system?

You can also reboot your computer by pressing the power button, then holding it for 5 to 15 seconds and then pressing the power button again. This will restart your computer.

How can I reboot my phone?

To reboot your PC, hold down the power button and the Windows logo key (the key with the Windows logo on it) at the same time until the computer turns off. Then, hold down the power button and the Windows logo key again to turn it back on.

Is reboot and restart same?

Re-boot is not the same as restart. A reboot is a complete system reset, while a restart is a partial system reset.

How do I turn on my HTC U11?

The way you turn on your HTC U11 is either by using the power button, the volume buttons, or the home button.

How do I turn off my HTC phone without the screen?

There is no one-size-fits-all phone for every person. However, there are a number of ways you can turn off a HTC phone. One way is to use the Settings screen and toggle off features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular connectivity.

How can I turn my phone off if the screen is broken?

You can turn down the volume with the volume button on your phone.

How do I fix an unresponsive touch screen Android?

If your Android device doesn’t respond correctly, you can do a reset by going to the main menu, and tapping the button in the top right corner. You might also try reinstalling the touchscreen driver, and you can find the driver on the Google Play store or on the manufacturer’s website. You can also try replacing the touchscreen.

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