How To Translate An Instagram Comment

To translate an Instagram comment, it is convenient to have a translation app. Open it and paste the text. Select the language and translate. The translated text will appear in a new window.

Can you translate comments on Instagram?

If you don’t want to see the original comments of the image source, just tap on the comment bubble.

How do you translate someone’s comment on Instagram?

To translate a picture or video on Instagram, you can use the Google Translate app. Simply open the posted photo or video. Then, tap the translate button at the bottom of the screen and start typing. The translation will appear in the text box.

How do you copy a comment on Instagram?

To copy a quote on Instagram, first tap on the quote until a menu pops up, then tap the three dots in the top left corner and select Copy. You can then paste it wherever you want.

How do I make my Instagram bio translate?

To translate your Instagram bio into another language, go to your profile, open the three lines in the top-left corner of the screen and choose “Settings.” Then, go down and select “Translate Profile.” After that, you can choose which language you want your bio to be translated into.

How do you comment on a girl on Instagram?

You can’t give the same response to everyone, as it’s better to be sincere, complimentary, you know. If you talk to the individual girl, you should be aware of her privacy settings and only post what she would want to see.

How do you open links in comments on Instagram?

You have to have the latest version of Instagram installed on your device first. To open links on your device, press the link and select “Open in Safari”.

What are the best comments on Instagram?

If you find a funny comment on Instagram, use your imagination and be creative. Write a funny caption to go with it. It will add value to the conversation and a lot of people will want to read it.

How do you say beautiful comment?

I wouldn’t call it a beautiful comment, but rather it was an expression that I used to describe a comment that was well-worded and thoughtful. This might be a better translation.

How do you comment nice pictures?

There is a few ways to say nice things about a picture. One way is to simply say something nice about the picture, such as “This is a beautiful picture!” or “This is so cool!” Another way to say nice things about the person who posted the picture is to say something like “You are so talented!” or “You have a great eye for photography.

How do you compliment a girl physically?

Depending on the girl, the best advice on how to compliment a girl physically can be told in different ways. For example, if the girl is attractive, you can compliment her on how beautiful, striking, or lovely she looks; how good she smells; or how stylish, cute, or chic she looks.

Can you post links in Instagram comments?

The link you just typed in the comment box will automatically become a hyperlink.

What do you mean by comment?

When it comes to online communication, a comment is a reply to a post or article that someone says or writes. You can agree or disagree with the post or article, add more information, or ask a question.

What should I comment on a post?

It’s best to avoid commenting on specific political issues. If the post is talking about a political issue, you can comment, but try to avoid being spammed.

What should I comment on peoples post?

There will be no one answer to that question. It depends on the person who wrote it and the position. Sometimes a simple “nice post!” is all it’s needed, but other times you want to write longer text that offers more details or criticism. It’s always best to be polite and respectful of who you write to.

How do you say you are pretty?

You could say to someone that you like them, but don’t use “you’re pretty” as it is too forward. For someone who is really interested in you, you should say “you’re lovely”.

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