How To Translate Youtube Comments On Iphone?

You can use a translation service such as Transifex.
You can translate and use Youtube comments on your apps using youtube-dl.
You can translate and use Youtube comments using a dictionary such as
You can translate and use Youtube comments with google translate.
You can translate and use Youtube comments with a translation app.

Is there a way to translate comments on YouTube?

It is possible to translate comments using a Google Translate plugin or online translation service, but this method is not ideal. An alternative would be manually translating comments in the desired language.

How do I translate YouTube comments to English?

YouTube comments can be translated from any language to any language. However, keep in mind as you translate the comments to English that English people might not understand slang and idioms. It’s best to translate the comments first into your native language, and then translate the comments into English.

What happened to YouTube comments translate?

YouTube comments translate disappeared due to a lack of time, and resources, as well as insufficient content localization.

How do I turn on auto translate on YouTube?

Turn on auto translate on YouTube

You can now select to have your videos translated automatically into the language you want.

How do I get YouTube to automatically translate?

To get YouTube to automatically translate videos, you can customize one profile for all the videos you want to translate, or you can create a new translation profile for each video that you want to translate.

How do I translate YouTube comments on my phone?

Use a translation app to translate the comment.
Use Google Translate to translate the comment.
Use a web browser such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Edge to translate the comment.

How do you translate captions on YouTube app?

To learn more about YouTube translations, visit our article on How to translate YouTube videos.
For support on caption translations in particular, visit our FAQ on Captioning FAQs.
If you need to file a ticket on the subject, you can do so at our help desk.

How do I change my YouTube language on my phone?

In “General,” you can select your YouTube’s language.

Note: If you want YouTube to play in the language that is set in
YouTube’s account on your computer, open a YouTube channel and click on the three lines in the top left corner of the main menu.Select “Settings.”Under “Accounts”, select “Language”.

Can you change language on a YouTube video?

You can change the language on a YouTube video after clicking the language symbol. From here, click on the three lines in the bottom right corner, and select “Settings.” From here, you can select the “Language” option.

How do I translate a YouTube video without CC?

A YouTube video with no watermark or copyright symbol can sometimes be translated without the use of CC.
You can use Google translate or a similar online translator by searching for the video in YouTube and using the “Translate this video” button. This method won’t work for all videos, but many YouTube videos can be translated without CC.

Can YouTube translate captions?

If you are using captions, you need to select the language you want to translate to. If you want to use the auto translation option, you need to make sure the language you select is not the language that you are viewing the video in.

Does YouTube have a translator?

To make a video more interesting, you can use YouTube translation feature to translate the audio and text for the video.

Where is the CC button on YouTube?

The CC button is on the top menu bar near the middle of the screen.

Can I translate a YouTube video to English?

If you have a YouTube video with an English translation, it will have a quality. However, if it has a translation made from scratch, there may be some mistakes and errors.

Why do some YouTube videos not have CC?

YouTube uses the automatic YouTube Content ID system to identify copyrighted videos. Because the system works by analyzing video clips, it identifies copyrighted material by analyzing a portion of video and then searching for matches on the Internet. This system works well for most videos. However, it misses a lot of copyrighted videos because videos with low resolution (e.g., 640×480 and below) are not properly identified by the system.

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