Inexpensive Tricks for Improving Your Gaming PC Performance

Are you thinking of giving yourself a treat in the month of love? Well, it is probably time you upgraded your gaming PC. If your PC shows screen tearing, running slowly, or lagging, you should start thinking of upgrading it to maintain a good gaming experience.

When this happens, it is mostly a sign that the hardware is worn out. The best part about having a gaming PC as part of your gaming setup is that it does not have to be replaced if only some parts of it are the problem.

With the number of new versions of games rolling out constantly, gamers need to upgrade their gaming sets to get the most out of the immersive experiences. Here are some useful tips to help you vamp up the performance of your gaming PC.

  1. Upgrade Your Storage

If the available storage space is too small, you will be forced to delete existing games when you want to add new ones. More so, lack of adequate storage can lead to frustrating experiences while gaming, such as crashes and slow load times.

Constant freezing and slow loading signify that your storage needs an upgrade. Consider upgrading to a solid-state drive (SSD); if you have been working with the traditional hard drive (HDD), consider upgrading to a solid-state drive (SSD). The latter option has more durability, reliability, and speed.

The speed comes in handy as it makes the gaming PC run more efficiently as the flow of data is effective. While there is a wide range of storage options, the best storage would be a 1TB SSD, as it will accommodate your ever-growing gaming collection.

  1. RAM

Storage plays a critical role in the efficiency and performance of a gaming setup. Once you have upgraded your drive storage, you should work on the RAM. A RAM upgrade is essential if your gaming PC is from three to five years old.

The least you should have is a RAM of 8GB. However, the most recommended storage would be 16GB. With this, you should comfortably run the most recent games. If you are buying a new computer, the RAM speed is also something you should pay attention to.

If your PC has additional slots, you are lucky as you can provide additional RAM. Expanding your RAM is a very inexpensive and simple thing to do as all that is required is slotting more RAM modules to the motherboard.

  1. Gaming Your Mouse and Keyboard

Investing in a gaming mouse and keyboard is a sure way of enhancing your gaming experience. If you are still working with a generic keyboard and mouse, it is time to change the accessories. The keyboard you are using can determine whether your performance will be great or hindered. A good combination of the two accessories will improve your experience, especially when playing an FPS game.

Mechanical keyboards are highly recommended for gaming as they are designed for durability and speed. They register pressure on the keyboards quicker than their standard counterparts. Just like the gaming keyboard, a gaming mouse provides high sensitivity allowing you to aim more accurately with minimal effort.

When choosing gaming accessories, it is vital to consider ergonomics. The mouse should be comfortable in your hands and feel natural. Keyboards can also be designed for ergonomics to ensure your hands are in the most comfortable positions for an enhanced experience.

  1. Upgrade Your CPU

The CPU is the most important component of your gaming PC when it comes to performance. If your PC is over two years old, you can upgrade the CPU. If the current one is outdated or slow, you can do an upgrade instead of getting a new gaming set. Ensure that you buy a CPU that meets your system requirements.

While this is the case, it is also good to remember that replacing the CPU is more challenging than the other parts, making the process costly. Different versions of processors may require a different motherboard.

If you are looking to upgrade your CPU, it is best to engage a professional to check whether a CPU meets your system requirements. A professional will also help you identify if the CPU matches your motherboard’s chipset and socket.

What should you expect after upgrading your CPU? Upgrading the processing unit will present many benefits for your gaming experience. It will lead to increased processing power, faster application startups, and smooth gaming.

You will also enjoy better graphics, increased energy efficiency, and enhanced compatibility with new hardware and software, such as newer game versions.

  1. Upgrade Your Graphics Card

The graphics card upgrade is one upgrade that you must never miss if you want to improve your gaming experience. The upgrade will see better video playing and free some memory space for increased PC efficiency. Most experienced gamers always look forward to doing this upgrade.

If you start noticing choppy frame rates when playing a new game, you should upgrade the component as soon as possible. With a shiny new graphics card, you will enjoy a better computing experience, improved video performance, and enhanced overall gaming.

Take Aways

Making your PC gaming experience better does not have to be an expensive affair. You don’t need to replace your PC with a new one. Replacing a few critical components like the CPU graphics card and upgrading your storage will have your PC running as optimally as a new one.

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