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You will likely get the “This posting is being blocked” message every once in a while when you exceed the daily post limit on a single account. This is because Craigslist gets suspicious when it notices your actions are not in line with the other messages you may have posted.

How do you get unblocked from Craigslist?

The easiest way to get unblocked from Craigslist is to contact the company who blocked your account. Contacting Craigslist customer service is the easiest way to get unblocked from Craigslist.

Why is Craigslist blocking my IP?

Craigslist has blocked my IP because they are trying to prevent spam.

Why do my ads on Craigslist get deleted?

Craigslist has a policy that will not allow any ad that is not for a good or service.

How do I know if my Craigslist ad was flagged?

If your post is flagged you will see a message that says “This post has been flagged for review by (name).” If you find that your post has been flagged, there is a link that says “View flagged content.”
You can also report a post via a new link in the lower left portion of the screen. Simply click the “Flag post” icon and follow the prompts.

How do I post on Craigslist without getting flagged?

You can post on Craigslist without getting flagged in many different ways. One way is to use a proxy site like You can also edit your IP address with a VPN or Tor, which will make it seem like you’re posting from another location. The best way would be to use a disposable email account and phone number.

How do I post on Craigslist 2021?

To post on Craigslist, you can visit the website, and select the appropriate category on the “How can I use Craigslist?” page. You can also post directly from your phone.

Does Craigslist block VPN?

Craigslist doesn’t block VPNs because they can’t block VPNs without blocking the users who are using them.

How many times does a Craigslist ad have to be flagged to be removed?

There is a limit on how many times an ad can be flagged by the person posting it. The threshold for removal is based on the type of ad and the region it’s posted in.

What does it mean when something is flagged?

Flags mean that the community thinks that the content is inappropriate, offensive or inaccurate. The moderator is checking the content to see if it is correct or not.

What is the best alternative to Craigslist?

There is a site called Kijiji that is similar to Craigslist and it can be an alternative.

How do I Unghost my Craigslist ad?

You can’t unghost your Craigslist ad, instead you must repost your ad with the same title and content.

Can paid Craigslist ads be flagged?

The most effective way to report a paid ad is by clicking the “Report” button found in the upper right hand corner of the ad.

Why can’t I see my own post on Craigslist?

Craiglist is like a classified ads website where you can post for anything. It is free to use, but it does not let you see your own posts.

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