Is Course Hero Really Free?

Course Hero can be used in free, but the service comes with an annual subscription.

Is course hero really free?

Course Hero allows you to create an account for free, but you have to buy a subscription to use the site.

Can You Get Course Hero for free?

After uploading documents, get a Course Hero for free. To unlock the site, your documents must get five ratings or unlocks. Once this will be achieved then, you can use the one-course hero to finish the registration.

Is Course Hero illegal?

Course Hero has a very strict anti-cheating policy. If you cheat on our site, we will ban your account forever.

Can I get caught using Course Hero?

You can be caught cheating with your assignments if you post them online on this website that is open for plagiarism detection by SafeAssign and Turnitin, etc.

Can your school see if you use Course Hero?

No, Course Hero does not tell your school. Many students use CourseHero when uploading documents in Course Hero and provide answers and it will be accessed by anyone from your school. Otherwise, the system will tell nobody else about it.

How do I not pay for Course Hero?

Log in to your account on this website, hover over your profile picture, and click on the “Stop recurring membership” button.

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