Is CyberPowerPc Good? Reviewing The Leading Pc Builder

is cyberpowerpc good..

In almost every selection of custom PC building platforms, CyberPowerPC is a top contender. For more than two decades, the brand has established itself as a reliable outlet. However, like every other business, some negative reviews on it have surfaced. This brings us to our prime question; is CyberPowerPC good?

In an attempt to find the answer to this question, we have done thorough research. We discuss the brand and its identity, the products, and their quality, and finally, their customer service. In the end, we conclude our study and provide our unbiased opinion. Read until the end to find out what we think!

What Is CyberPowerPC?

CyberPowerPC is a U.S.-based company that customizes personal computers and sells them on its website. It is different from regular PC retailers in many ways. First of all, they provide way more layout options than any other custom planner does. Furthermore, the brand itself designs, produces, and sells computers.

Founded in the year 1998 by Eric Cheung, Steven Chu, and Stanley Ho, this company has slowly built its way into becoming a leading custom PC organizer. It is a renowned name in the world of privately owned businesses as well. 

Now, they are also known as CyberPower, and this platform sets itself apart by providing the most reasonable offers to the customers.

At CyberPowerPC, prices start at an incredibly low range. Their prices are one of the lowest in the custom building market. What attracts customers the most is that despite the reasonable costs, their builds deliver a standard performance.

Product Types

Computers are the primary products produced and sold by CyberPowerPC. If you visit the website, you will observe that powerful, high-performance gaming computers are mostly displayed. Recently, they have ventured into other products and services related to gaming.

Other than custom gaming PCs and laptops, the brand also sells SFF computers, high-resolution gaming setups, computer workstations, Syber gaming consoles, etc. Since CyberPowerPC was launched from gaming passion, it is still the prime focus behind all its projects.


The parts of different authorized brands are used when it comes to the desktop computers configured by the brand. The arrangement, of course, is done according to the preference of each user. As so many brand parts are combined into one system, the end products don’t have a separate name. 

There are many collections in this section, and you can select according to processor, graphics, or memory. Some of the popular ones are the Pro Gamer FTW Ultra series, Gamer Master series, etc. 

Besides, there are some other featured collections as well. The Creator Pro Series is specially catered towards content creators, game developers, and graphic designers.

Again, the Luxe Series has aesthetically appealing specifications. For those who are into competitive gaming, the Intel Extreme Masters is perfect. And if you want maximum performance keeping the system cool, go for the Hyper Liquid II Gaming Series.


Initially only covering Intel core processors, CyberPowerPC has slowly started to incorporate AMD Ryzen into its laptops. Just like the desktops, the laptops are categorized into different collections.

While the Tracer V Edge series consists of all intel parts, both the Tracer V Gaming and Tracer V Edge Pro series are equipped with AMD Ryzen processors. On the other hand, the Tracer V Lite is a lightweight and thin model.

Product Quality

Other than laptops and desktops, an independent gaming console was also designed by CyberPowerPC. The company surely has many interrelated fields of interest. But what is the quality of their products?

Collaborating with renowned brands like Intel, Nvidia, AMD, etc., CyberPowerPC thrives on bringing the best quality products. Every part is well researched according to the customer’s preference and only branded names are provided. 

Extra care is taken to provide the highest standard parts at the lowest costs to improve the user experience.

They provide mechanical keyboards with their computers. These keyboards are better than the physical ones because they produce good springs and switching sounds. 

Containing RGB lighting options, these keyboards also have solid construction. While they are smaller in size, these keyboards do not feel too compact to work with.

Since CyberPowerPC builds computers by affiliating parts from different sources, customers are often concerned with the longevity of their end product. 

But each of CyberPower’s systems comes with an expected warranty of its own. To receive it, you only have to register your product on their website. All terms and conditions of the warranty are discussed thoroughly on the website.

Customer Service

Here, you will get a service plan for 3 years upon making a purchase. As soon as you become a customer, you will also be eligible to receive lifetime technical support. Their website has a dedicated page for providing customers with all kinds of assistance. Naturally, it has a forum for answering all your queries as well.

You can contact them via phone call, email, or direct chat (through the website). To elicit a quicker response, you can contact them through a complete form. 

Besides, there is a separate folder from which you can download drivers and software from different manufacturers. There is also an entire tech-knowledge hub filled with guidelines.

With the help of Affirm, CyberPowerPC provides financing solutions. So, it can be concluded that there is an option to pay through monthly installments. 

While many complain about the shipping duration, there is actually an option to select faster shipping. By paying extra, you can have your product shipped within 3 business days.

Although the brand claims to be quite thorough and dedicated in terms of customer service, the situation is quite unreliable in reality. Customers have left mixed reviews online, gearing mainly towards the negative side. 

According to some users, the dedicated page of assistance is difficult to navigate. Furthermore, their customer care needs to upgrade its response/contact services.


So, is CyberPowerPC good enough to custom-build your computer? In our opinion, yes, it is! Although it has its downsides, the benefits outweigh those. If you can ignore the few complaints and focus solely on its price and product quality, you most likely won’t be disappointed.

Go ahead and choose from their wide range of customization options to build that dream PC. Best of luck!

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