Is Daily Steals Legit? Buyer’s Safety

is dailysteals legit

Online retailers are rapidly taking over the market for most products, electronics, fabric, shoes, and more. 

You can now go online and buy virtually anything you would have initially needed to buy without breaking a sweat.

The problem with this is that the number of scammers looking for people to steal from has increased. 

It has become increasingly hard to know which websites are legitimate businesses and which ones are not. 

Read on to see if you are safe using Daily steals and some of the issues that might come up with its use; 

Is Daily steals Legit? 

Daily steals is an American-based company, and they are legit, selling products to buyers across the US. The issue is that most of their customers are dissatisfied with their services and products. 

Daily steals has an average of 3.5 stars based on reviews from multiple sites. Daily steals is a legitimate company, and you could use it to get affordable products of all kinds, but there is a risk that it will be of substandard quality.

Details On Daily steals

There is a vast amount of content on the internet; sometimes, some of it may look like a scam. One of these is Daily steals; this is a site known for offering their users goods at highly discounted prices, but how can they do this?

Daily steals was founded in 2009 by Matt Wiener, and he primarily focused on sourcing and selling electronics.

Americans widely embraced the idea since it offered buyers high-quality products at an affordable price.

In 2015, Matt sold his company to investors to make it more accessible to the public. Daily steals currently stands out as one of the best eCommerce deal sites in the US, and they have expanded their product list.

Daily steals sells nearly everything from cell phones, clothing, car accessories, jewelry, electronics, games, and more. 

Their website is flexible and accepts all major credit cards and PayPal to make it easy to make purchases.

Daily steals has grown steadily since its launch, and it currently collects average revenue of $4.3 annually. 

The company is primarily online-based, so they have a staff of 22 employees. Other parties have adopted the idea, and there are several competitor websites at the moment. 

The site seems to be growing steadily since its average growth rate, and website visits are higher than the industrial average. 

Coupon codes are a way to save even more money; you can use coupon apps to collect coupon codes which you can use to get products at even lower prices.

You could also get loyalty discounts and cashback along with other perks if you shop at Daily steals regularly. 

All the shortcuts and offers to get a reduced price are dealt with by Daily steals, so you get the lowest price possible.

Daily steals is working on an app to increase its system efficiency and customer satisfaction. With the fantastic deals and free shipping they offer for most of their products, Daily steals is guaranteed to grow more in the coming years. 

You don’t need to worry about missing out on deals since Daily steals will send you an email to notify you if there is a deal you are interested in. Daily steals is an above-average company that could be a savior if you are on a tight budget.

What Issues Might Come Up With Daily Steals?

Daily steals is a fantastic retailer, but some issues might come up when you use it. They are not reasons that would make you change your mind about shopping at Daily steals, but they are prudent details you ought to have, so let’s get into it;

  • The shipping is slow. You could get free shipping for a list of products, but most of the time, it takes a long time for the item to get to you. Customers have complained that they waited for packages for up to two weeks or more with no information on their status.
  • Paying with PayPal may sometimes be challenging, and it could cause issues with the checkout process. If you are a PayPal user, you should consider looking for a more reliable payment solution before going to Daily steals. 
  • Customer service might not be quick to respond in most cases. If your product has an issue in transit or after you get it, you might have difficulty connecting with the customer care line, which can be frustrating if the problem is urgent. 
  • Returns are not as smooth as advertised by the company. Most buyers confirm that Daily steals did not accept items they tried to return and didn’t get refunds, yet their products adhere to the return policy.
  • The return policy states that there are products that are not eligible for the 30-day return policy. This is an issue since you will only know if you can return your product after buying it and opening the fine print. 

Finding products at a discount on the internet can be a hassle, so it is nice to have a website that does all the heavy lifting for you. 

As with other online retailers, you will give Daily steals your credit card information, so you have to make sure it is secure, and your data is safe.

How To Detect And Avoid Scam Websites

One of the most significant issues that come with the digitization of retail platforms is the increase of cybercrime. 

Criminals are getting better at creating seemingly legit websites which they use to steal from unknowing customers.

In 2017 alone, consumers lost over 79 million dollars through online shopping scams. This is a prevalent issue, and you can only avoid falling victim to such by knowing how to identify a scam website when you see one; here are tips you should follow;

1. Avoid clicking links you find in the body of an email or text

Instead, find websites the long way around using Google or any other trusted search engine. You could also use a verified social media account to log onto the site.

Such links might have hidden links in them that take you to a different website that looks like the one you want to shop with. You might end up giving your credit card information or paying for a product that you will never receive.

Avoid buying through ads, even those that appear on Google or your browser’s homepage. Some fraudsters pay to get ranked higher on SERPs, so not all ads are to be trusted. 

2. Have multiple email addresses for different uses

You could have one private account, and you never give away online. Use this account for the most sensitive communication and accounts, such as banks.

You could have another for sites you trust and another account for sites you have never used before. The last account should not have any sensitive information, so none of your employers, employees, or friends should have it.

This way, even if it gets compromised, you will not get harmed in any way. When you receive spam emails, mark them as spam before deleting them since the app will learn and automatically spam all subsequent spam emails. 

3. Check the URL

If the URL doesn’t match the site’s content or the original link, you should be warned and get out of the site. If the link is absurdly long and has spelling errors with irregular periods, it is probably a scam website.

Watch out for sneaky tricks since some scammers could use letters from a foreign alphabet and mimic the name of a site you want to use. 

Make sure all the letters are clear and that you can tell what the site is about by reading the URL before committing to it.

Look at the URL tab on your browser and ensure it has a locked padlock icon and the link starts with HTTPS, not HTTP. 

HTTPS means that the site is secured and your data is safe should you log into it, while HTTP implies the site is not secure and you could get hacked. Do not give your personal information on a site without the padlock and HTTPS on the toolbar.

4. Check The Contract And Copyright Information

Look and ensure that the contact information looks legitimate before you buy anything. Most authentic sites have a phone number and often a social media presence.

Any contact information missing should be a red flag; if the copyright is outdated, you should avoid the website since most commerce sites remain updated. If Google warns you that a site is not safe, do not log onto the site.


Daily steals is an honest company, and it sells to many Americans. You could get products at Daily steals at low prices that will help you recover from a potentially disastrous budget. 

The only problem is that most past users complain about the quality of goods from Daily steals. As the options for online retailing increase, so does the issue of scam websites. 

You need to be careful around the internet, so you don’t pay for products on sites that are faked to steal your money. Ensure all sites you visit are SSL certified and licensed.

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