Itunes: How To Switch Back To Us App Store?

Open iTunes and sign in with your Apple ID to the iTunes store. Click on the menu bar at the top of the screen and select “iTunes Store”.

What happens if I change my iTunes store country?

To change the country of origin of your iTunes Store purchases, go to iTunes Store and choose Store -> Account -> Store -> View All Purchases.

How do I change my iTunes back to the United States?

If you have an iTunes account in a different country than the United States, you may want to change it back to the United States. Here’s how: Open iTunes and click on the iTunes Store button. Click on the arrow next to your name in the upper right corner. Select “Change Country or Region.” Select “United States” and follow the onscreen instructions.

How do I switch back to US store?

To open the App Store, go to the App Store and make sure to select the United States first. Enter your Apple ID and password and sign in. From the drop-down menu, select your country and select the US.

How do I change my App Store country without losing Apple music?

If you switch App Store region, any content you already downloaded will be lost. So, if you have any songs downloaded to your iOS device, you will need to download them again after you switch to another region.

Will I lose my Apple Music library if I change country?

No changes in Apple Music if you choose to switch countries. You will update your Apple Music library with the new music available in that country.

Why can’t I change my App Store country?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to change your iTunes country. You might not be located in a country that the iTunes Store is in. You might not have enough money in the new country. Or you can create a new Apple ID if you want to use a different iTunes Store.

How do I change my app store to US country?

When you wanted to switch your Apple ID to the US, you need to create a new account. You had to select the country of your choice. Once you have created the account, open the App Store. The App Store will now be in the country of your choice.

What happens if you change your App Store location?

If you make changes to your App Store location, you might not be able to access certain apps or app updates. Your device will also use the App Store for that country, which may have prices and content that’s different from other countries.

Will changing region affect my iPhone?

Yes, region settings are something that change a device’s behavior. For example, if you change your region so that all of your apps are set to the US, your App Store will change to show apps that are popular in the US. And a SIM card will not always remain the same when you switch regions. In fact, you may need a new one.

What happens when you change the region on your iPhone?

When you change your region, the settings will change along with it. You can keep all of your data the same, but the apps you have and the contents of your iCloud account will be sorted by region.

How many times can you change your region on iPhone?

You can change your region without losing data, but keep in mind that you cannot change your country.

What happens to my Apple Music when I change region?

If you change your region on Apple Music, your subscription will change to the new region. You music collection, playlists, and other settings will all be updated to match the new region. Any music that you’ve downloaded will remain on your device, but the device won’t be able to play it unless you’re in the corresponding region.

Why can’t I change my country or region on Apple ID?

Apple IDs are tied to a specific country or region for a variety of reasons. One reason is that Apple wants to make sure that users in different countries have access to the same content. For example, a user in America may not be able to watch a movie that’s only available in the UK. Another reason is that Apple wants to comply with local laws and regulations. For example, some countries require that Apple store user data within their borders.

Can I have two Apple accounts in different countries?

Yes, you can have an Apple Account in different countries. To create a new account, open the App Store on your device and tap Featured. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Create New Apple ID. Enter the required information and select the country for your new account.

How do I get Apple Music back after changing country?

If you have changed your country while you were signed in to Apple Music or Apple Podcasts, you’ll need to create a new Apple ID and sign in with that. Once you’re signed in, you’ll be able to select your old country in the Settings menu.

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