Modern AR Technology has Provided Many Ideas for Mobile Applications

Augmented Reality Mobile App Game Ideas

The rapid development of the gaming industry has a direct impact on the progress of mobile technology. Progressive applications for mobile devices of virtual casinos attract gambling enthusiasts with various novelties and limitless possibilities. The number of users who prefer online games is increasing day by day, so it is safe to say that online entertainment is the future of the gaming industry.

One such technology is augmented reality. It is already quite popular in social networks and video games, especially after Pokemon Go entered the market. Online Gambling is gradually adapting to new trends, and online casinos will eventually be able to offer more variations that use this technology. With AR, gamblers will be able to bring a virtual poker table to real surfaces and many other variations. And this will take gambling entertainment to a new level of development and make it as realistic as possible.

What Augmented Reality Is 

Augmented reality (AR) is a modern technology that is able to add sound effects, images, and other elements to the real world using digital technology in online mode. The main feature is that this technology visually connects two spaces: real and virtual. It is based on an optical tracking system. To put it simply, the “eyes” of the system are cameras, and the “hands” are markers. As a result, the “eyes” recognize the “hands” in the real world and transfer them into virtual space, where one reality is superimposed on the other. In this way, augmented reality is created.  To learn more about the concept of augmented reality, visit Wikipedia.

Such innovative technology will help gamblers look at online gambling in a completely different way.

Best Ideas for Augmented Reality Games

Online games on mobile devices are becoming more and more popular. So there is an increasing demand for augmented reality game ideas. They are to be used in mobile applications, especially for Android. And this market will expand day by day. Let’s take a look at the most popular game app ideas for mobile devices based on Android and iOS

  Game ideas   Example
Sports games Basketball, cricket, boxing
Educational General education, math.
Races Auto racing, bicycling
Table games Billiards, Ludo, Snake and Ladder
Card games Poker, Blackjack
Fantasy sports Soccer, badminton
Casino ideas Wheel of fortune, slot machines
Children games Alphabet games, counting rhymes
Puzzles Quests, word search


Real money video poker is not only a very popular game among online casino gamblers but also a popular mobile gaming application. To add variety to the gameplay, you can connect some additional elements: social networks and friends in them, a couple of dealers, or incentives for every day. Include different options, and add versatility to your favorite game. Look for interesting and favorite gambling games on the website of the SlotsUp online casino.

Companies that develop game content and manufacturers of mobile devices today must both keep up with the times and evolve to meet the requirements of the market.

Best Augmented Reality Games

Augmented reality enables players to see augmented virtual objects in the real world online using mobile devices. Thanks to this technology, they are able to improve or change the environment. At the same time, the perception of reality does not disappear, and virtual objects are easily distinguished from real ones.

To date, the game of this format become very popular among gamblers, and the demand for them will only grow.  The following games can safely be called the best ones:

  • Pokemon Go. It turned the perception upside down and was a real turning point in the gaming industry with augmented reality. It really showed how interesting augmented reality is for many people because even those who had never played mobile games before started to play Pokemon Go. It is the best adventure game that features an imaginary battlefield and animated objects around the players. They should search for and capture pokémon that are nearby. It has great speed and a great user interface.
  • Temple Treasure Hunt. This is an adventure game based on mysteries and myths. Here you can choose one of two heroes: the treasure guardian and the hunter.
  • Zombies, Run! Its main character has survived a zombie attack and must complete certain missions while running away from zombies.
  • Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. This is a fantasy game. There is a disaster in the magical world, and the wizards must fix the situation by combining their powers. The main purpose of the players is to wander around the area and collect various items and fight with the enemy.
  • Ingress Prime. This is a strategy game where players choose between two teams: the dedicated and the resistance. The goal of the game is to fight for the existence of the universe.

Thanks to augmented reality, online casino players have received improved graphics, animations, and music, which in turn provides them with the most realistic experience possible.

Many virtual establishments are looking for practical solutions to implement AR technology on their platforms in order to attract even more users, because such technology is able to provide gamblers with the expected interaction, and thus help to keep pace with progressive achievements in games where live dealers are present.

This greatly increases interest in online gambling and turns users on the casino website into regular customers.

And, very importantly – now users do not need an application for AR as it can be found online. Users need to have a smartphone or a tablet to take advantage of this innovation and have an unforgettable experience. AR is increasingly penetrating into the virtual world of gambling entertainment. Players get unlimited possibilities and the feeling of a realistic environment in the digital world that changes our perception of reality.


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