Neural Network vs Students: Who Can Write a Better Essay?

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Students often find themselves struggling with research, creative writing, essay citations, essay structures, and bibliographies, with some invoking clichés to complete their essays. Neural networks use the principle of artificial intelligence to create software solutions to solve problems. 

Some students are now turning to Neural networks for essay writing because they are not confident enough or are not prepared for the task. This blog gives a comparative analysis of neural networks and students and answers the question of who can write a better essay.

How Neural networks operate

Neural networks simulate densely interconnected cells of the brain in a computer system to enable users to recognize patterns and get things right. There is no need to program the network to learn explicitly- it does self-learning just like the human brain.

Neural networks can use AI for writing papers by working traditionally to complete the tasks. The difference between neural networks and the human brain is like the way weather’s computer model differs from sunshine, snowflakes, or clouds. In other words, computer applications constitute mathematical equations and algebraic variables that ate linked together.

When the network is trained with examples, it becomes possible to present it with some inputs to initiate a response. Students are leveraging neural networks such as GPT-3 to enhance essay paper writing despite being tool awkward and vague. In some cases, GP-3 does not provide citations, although it has also resulted in good papers guarantying good grades. 

The risk element and human error

Using neural networks to write assignments helps to eliminate human errors that could influence the output. Students can make errors when writing essays due to fatigue or lack of preparedness, so they may end up presenting poor-quality essays. 

Neural networks are not prone to errors, especially when well-programmed. They can take decisions from previously available information by using algorithms and machine learning capabilities. This helps to reduce the chances of errors in writing and the system achieves a higher degree of precision. When a student writes an essay, they still need to rely on automated tools to fix grammatical errors and mistakes. Relying on Neural networks is good because it helps in reducing human errors and produces relevant text based on predictions. 

Read free essays to improve your writing

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Neural networks make use of expert systems to work without breaks and with higher levels of efficiency. However, learners should be careful not to rely so much on Neural networks; otherwise, it will be difficult for them to learn how to write essays. 

The human brain is created to work for some specific number of hours daily with regular breaks in between. They need to create time for relaxation and energizing to become more vibrant and productive. 

Quick decisions

Neural networks can do things that human beings do, including writing scientific papers much faster. The networks could help writers, scientists, and editors to scan papers and make some sense of what the papers are about. They can interpret the content in papers to gather data and do research faster than students. In addition to doing research, neural networks could be applied in machine translation, speech recognition, and language processing.

People must analyze different factors, practically and emotionally, before arriving at decisions. Learners take time to analyze essay topics and inquiring from their professors in case they need clarifications. 

With proper guidance, students can manage to write essays independently and score high grades. They can do so by finding essay samples for educational purposes on WritingBros to get inspired. The company provides a database of essays covering different subjects in a college or university curriculum. Their purpose is to assist students to succeed in academic writing and attain their degrees in preparation for their careers. By going through the free sample essays, learners will be able to find inspirations and new ideas.


Despite reducing human error, being available 24/7, and making quicker decisions, Neural networks cannot think outside the box. Machines are designed to perform tasks that they are programmed to deal with.

Anything beyond that could crash or yield irrelevant output that may not serve its purpose. The systems also tend to make students lazy due to heavy reliance on them. Students may be addicted to network inventions and this may be a threat to future generations. When learners write essays, they can come up with creative ideas on how to tweak the topic and solve problems. Additionally, they can formulate further topics from the original one and proceed with further research to boost their knowledge. 

They can also brainstorm with their peers to generate ideas and solve problems differently. So, in addition to attaining good grades by writing quality papers, they can face real-life situations to solve problems. Developing creative thoughts makes learners more effective in expressing their opinions and thoughts. 


Neural networks are not prone to human error, so they can create quality essays for students. They are also available to make decisions faster, meaning that they can complete essays without delays. However, they cannot think outside the box and the heavy reliance on them makes students lazy. Students should weigh the benefits of using Neural networks before deciding to use them in essay writing.

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