A Guide To Recover Data From A USB Flash Drive

A Guide To Recover Data From A USB Flash drive

Flash drives are the most used portable device to store data, and sometimes we lost the data stored in it by mistake or because the data got corrupted. Recovering data from a USB flash drive is not an easy task. One cannot recover the data unless you have proper knowledge of the field or know precisely what to do. Instead of diving into the pool of ‘Do it yourself, consider if it wants professional help and if it does, then immediately contact a USB data recovery service to recover the lost data.

There are numerous reasons how you can lose your data from different storage devices. Some of them are:

  • Deletion of data by mistake
  • Broken or corrupted device
  • Virus attacks
  • Accidentally formatting your USB
  • Improper removal of your device
  • Removal of USB while data is still transferring

If you lose your data from a flash drive, you can not recover it from the recycling bin. So, there is software that people can easily use to recover your data. You can also restore the data without software.

Here is a guide to help you retrieve your data from a USB flash drive:

Restore The Data From Window’s Backup:

Before going to any other option, try finding the backup of your data. You can possibly find the desired files in your backup, which the device stores. We usually sink our data to the cloud or Google, so there are chances we can still retrieve our data from the backup.

Step 1– Open system maintenance and go on the ‘Backup and restore option.’

Step 2– Click on ‘restore files.’

Step 3: Browse the files.

Step 4: Select the location at which you want to save the backup.

Restore From The Previous Version Of Windows:

You can retrieve the data from the previous version of windows without using any recovery software. The latest version of Windows 7, 8 and 10 has the feature to retrieve the data from the earlier version. The windows will annul all the changes made after the up-gradation and will go back to the previous version.

Step 1: Right-click the folder from which the files were deleted.

Step 2: Click ‘restore previous versions’.

Step 3: Select the date before the data was deleted.

The above methods are easy to use, and you will not be harming any of your further data, so basically, these two options are safe to use even by those who do not know about data recovery.

When Nothing Works:

When you cannot retrieve the data without software, you can always use some software to restore the lost data. But when nothing is in your hands and if you think it is too late to do anything by yourself, it is better to hire professional USB data recovery services.

Professional help will give you the solution for your problem without wasting your time. As the professionals are skilled and equipped with proper tools, they will retrieve the data in no time and make sure that you do not face any problem afterwards.

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