Remove A Paypal Account From My Iphone?

It’s easy to remove a PayPal account from your iPhone. Just follow these steps:
First, launch the PayPal app and tap “Account.” Then, select “Pending Payments” to see a list of pending transactions.

Next, select the payment that you want to remove. Finally, tap “Remove” to confirm your action.
Once you’ve removed the payment, you can exit the PayPal app and return to your home screen.

Now, open your Settings app and tap “Wallet.” Next, tap “Apple Pay” and then “Remove Card.”
You can also remove your PayPal account by logging into your PayPal account online.

Once there, click the “Profile” option and then choose the “Remove Account” option.

“paypal” Problem? How To Remove Payment Method / Credit Card On Iphone On Apple?

Many of PayPal users are facing a problem where they are being unable to remove the PayPal payment method on iPHONE. This is a very common problem, and it occurs when the PayPal account linked to the Apple ID is still active and is in good standing. This problem can also occur when you have recently made a PayPal purchase as well.

One way to resolve this issue is to contact PayPal and request a cancellation of your account. You can then contact iTunes and request that they remove the PayPal payment method from your account. If you wish to link another payment method to your Apple ID, you will need to contact PayPal and see if you are able to withdraw any money from your account, as this may impact your ability to withdraw funds in the future.

If you were unable to withdraw money, you may want to wait until after the purchase is complete before contacting iTunes again.

How To Delete Paypal Account

  1. Log into PayPal and go to “Settings.”
  2. Select “Account Settings.”
  3. Click on “Close Account.”
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the cancellation process.

If you want to cancel your PayPal account, it is best to do so before the end of your billing cycle. Once you have cancelled your account, you will no longer be able to send or receive money through PayPal.

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