Review Of The Best Smartwatches 

Review Of The Best Smartwatches 

Smartwatches have long ceased to be a luxury and have moved into the category of really useful gadgets. They help to monitor health, answer calls, make payments, and, most importantly – still show the time.Don’t forget that with them you can also turn on/off/switch on music or an audiobook. For the best sound quality, we can offer you a selection of the best headset for under 100, which are also suitable for computer games. 

Here we take a look at the most popular watch models to look out for! So let’s go!

Xiaomi Mi Watch Color 

Standby time: 336 h, in active mode: 150 h

One of the most budget smartwatches with NFC-module, which does not lose in its functionality and daily usefulness.

Thanks to the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100, the clock works without delays and long downloads, which is always nice, but the list of advantages of this device is much wider.

The device connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0, while more expensive models still use versions 4.0 and 4.2. The lack of its own SIM card is compensated by a strong pairing with Wi-Fi, which works steadily even in places where the network load is quite high.

AMOLED-display has surface protection, so the image quality is protected from micro scratches for a long time.

The key feature of this model is the battery life – the device can be charged about once a week, with a full charge that takes just a couple of hours.

In terms of pairing with iOS devices, no problems are detected.

Xiaomi managed to create both an inexpensive and productive gadget, so it is definitely worth paying attention to it.

Samsung Gear Sport

Standby time: 144 h, in active mode: 96 h

As can be seen from the name, this model of a smartwatch is designed for use during training. The device monitors many parameters during physical activity, being a perfect solution for those who actively look after their health.

This model does not have its own SIM card, so it is only possible to view notifications that come to your smartphone. In order not to miss anything, the watch has a function, Anti-Lost, which will alert the user if the Bluetooth connection is broken.

Additionally, it’s worth noting the watch’s good speed, provided by the 768 MB of RAM and dual-core processor. In terms of free space for applications and files, the user gets 4 Gb of memory.

In addition to NFC-module, the device also supports Wi-Fi, which partially compensates for the lack of mobile Internet. The module itself is made very well, so the problems with payment do not usually arise.

Ticwatch C2

Working time in standby mode: 48 h, in active mode: 18 h

The first thing to mention about this watch is that the device supports IP68 dust and moisture protection standards. This indicates not only their safe use during workouts and maximum protection from sweat but also the possibility of diving with them underwater to a depth of more than a meter. The feature is quite handy if the user doesn’t want to leave the watch in a locker before exercising in the pool. The screen is scratch-resistant, which once again proves that the device can be used during physical activities. This watch can monitor your sleep, calories, physical activity and measure your heart rate.

We would also like to note the stylish look of the device, which is made in a minimalistic style.

Despite the fact that the phone can not call with a watch (all calls are made only from your smartphone), the watch supports Wi-Fi and one of the latest versions of Bluetooth (4.1), although it would be desirable to have the latter.

Built-in memory here is quite good; it is 4 Gb. Thus, you can place a number of applications and media files, given that smartwatches are equally well paired with devices on Android and iOS.

Garmin Venu Sq

Standby time: 49 h, active mode: 18 h

The manufacturer managed to make both a lightweight (37 g) and durable device by placing aluminum inserts.

One of the most important features of the device is that in addition to iOS and Android, the watches support OS X. The device is quickly paired with any device. So there is no need to adjust to the needs of a particular ecosystem, which belongs to the smartphone.

You can not place your own SIM card in the watch, so it is only possible to take calls and view notifications about messages in social networks and SMS.

If we talk about the specification of the device, Sq is more of a sports device, although the austere design is more associated with everyday wear and business segment. The manufacturer has preinstalled a lot of applications and programs for workouts here, which help to lead an active lifestyle, while health monitoring functions help to track progress.

Unfortunately, the device also has a disadvantage: the lack of Wi-Fi.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Titan 

Working time in standby mode: 56 h, in active mode: 20 h

The novelty from Samsung has received good reviews from benchmarks, so there are no complaints when it comes to performance. All applications run fast enough thanks to 1 Gb of RAM onboard and a dual-core processor operating at a frequency of 1150 MHz.

The device can be used both in everyday life and during training. The IP68 water and dust protection standard allows one not to be afraid of sweat and to swim with the watch in deep water. Watch3 Titan supports Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi, so the lack of its own SIM card is partially compensated.

The high cost is not only due to the monitoring features but also to the materials used in the assembly. The titanium strap has amazing durability and does not irritate the skin. The model also has a Super AMOLED display, so the quality of the image is high. In terms of medical indicators, there are a couple of very important functions here, too, such as blood oxygen tracking, ECG, and a blood pressure monitor. There are a number of apps to help women keep track of their health.

The Galaxy Watch3 is a true industry leader, with all the functionality you need for a smartwatch that works in conjunction with your smartphone. Their only relative disadvantage is the cost.

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