Telegram: How To Create A Poll Question?

You can create a poll on Telegram by launching a group chat. Then tap on the “Poll” icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. Tap the “Start” icon in the top right corner of the screen to create a poll. Enter a question and two possible answers, then tap the “Start Voting” button. Your group members can vote for their preferred answer. The poll will close after 24 hours.

How do you make a poll on Telegram chat?

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How can I make a telegram quiz?

An easy way to make a quiz is with a tool called Google Forms. It is free to use and does not require any type of software to be installed.

How to make multiple choice questions in Telegram?

Telegram doesn’t have built-in functionality to create multiple choice questions. So there are a few workarounds on how to make a quiz. One option is to use a third-party application called Straw Poll or Polly. You can also create questions using an online quiz tool like Quizlet or Kahoot!.

How can I ask a question in Telegram group?

You can do this in Telegram too. Type @groupname: and you’ll get a search box in the side menu. Type your question in there.

How do I make an anonymous Telegram poll?

To make a Telegram poll, you have to create a new group. Tap the poll icon in the group screen. Type in the question and possible answers. Tap “Create poll” and participants can vote on the poll.

How can I create bot in Telegram?

There are a few different ways to create bots in Telegram. You can use the BotFather to create a new bot, and then use the Telegraf command-line tool to send commands to your bot. Or, you can use the BotKit library to create your bot.

How can I make a countdown in Telegram?

Telegram already comes with a built-in timer, which allows you to set time and send alerts to members of your Telegram channels.

How can I create a quiz?

One method to create a quiz is by using a quiz creation website like Quizlet or Kahoot. Another way to create a quiz in is with a computer program like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, then use the quiz feature to create the questions and answers.

How do I create a quiz on WhatsApp?

You could also create a survey and share the link via Snapchat or via text messaging.

What is retract vote in Telegram?

Telegram has this feature. People can change the vote that has already been cast. However, the group chat can only be changed by the admin or moderators.

How do u do a poll on Instagram?

There are several ways to do a poll on Instagram. You can go to a hashtag and simply post a poll with the option to answer yes or no. You can also use the hashtag #instagood and tag a photo of a poll with the option to answer yes or no.

What can I do with Telegram bot?

The answer to this question is rather clear. However, it is important to remember that this can vary. If you are employed, it means you are employed. If you are a contractor, it means you are an independent contractor. If you are self-employed, it means you are a self-employed contractor.

What is self destruct in Telegram?

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What is Telegram slow mode?

Telegram is not in Slow Mode. It’s just optimized for speed.

Does Telegram have disappearing messages?

Telegram does not have the ability to hide messages.

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