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Ahhhh summer. One of the greatest times of the year. Warm weather, days by the pool, 4th of July, BBQ’s, camping. And oh yeah we forgot something. Those pesky mosquitos! There is probably nothing more annoying than attempting to enjoy the great outdoors while trying to fight off those annoying, painful, itching bug bites!

You can try the old fashioned bug spray, the fan that is supposedly suppose to make it hard for them to fly, but they just won’t take no for an answer! They will do whatever it takes to bite you. We should start taking it as a compliment I suppose. Make ourselves feel better about a lousy situation. We’ve even tried a bonfire as a type of mosquito repellent. Nothing ever seems to bother them enough to be effective.

Solution: Mosquito Lamp

That was until we were introduced to the electric mosquito lamp. This mosquito lamp has literally been a life saver. It is all natural 100% safe to use. No chemicals are added or needed. UV-free lighting is used as well. Making it completely harmless around pets and children. This electric mosquito lamp is great for both indoor, and outdoor use.

Finally get rid of all those pesky insects with this bug repellent lamp. It’s a battery powered lamp that lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge. This mosquito killer lamp is very powerful and also portable. The lamp can cover a range of up to 375 square feet. Keep it on the table next to you or hang it up high. 1000V voltage will kill any mosquito or bug that comes in it’s path.

The mosquito lamp outdoor is like having your very own personal insect exterminator. With a simple plug in to power on, the solar-powered light attracts the mosquitoes and they fly to the top of the device. In a split second, those bothersome mosquitos get zapped and are then never to return ever again.

There has never been an easier, more convenient way to remove the dead mosquitos. The mosquito lamp comes equipped with a tray. Simply remove the tray of the dead insects and start the process all over again.

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Benefits of the Mosquito Killer Lamp

LED Light and Solar-Powered Glow

The ultra-bright LED light allows you to adjust the brightness from a dim setting all the way to a sun-filled illumination. This gives you the opportunity to turn any dark room into a radiant one, all from this mosquito lamp outdoor.


Included with every purchase is a micro USB charger that enables you to charge the anti mosquito lamp everywhere you go. One charge lasts you enough for up to 20 hours. This means you can spend an entire day clear of mosquitos and waspy gnats.


The mosquito killer lamp can sustain extreme weather conditions, rain, snow, and even intense heat. Regardless of the temperature, no bug will go unnoticed and uncaptured. Put your trust in the mosquito lamp.

Hassle-Free Cleaning

Low maintenance and easy to clean, you can easily brush  or sweep away any debris from the inner coil. There is a bottom tray catcher for all the dead mosquitos it kills. Once you empty the waste from the bottom shell, voila! It is ready to be used again. How easy is that?!

Reviews From Customers:

“My wife has a serious allergic reaction to mosquitoes and her bites always swell up to the size of golf balls whenever she they decide to bite her. Thank goodness for this mosquito lamp outdoor product, because she can take this anywhere she goes. It’s a perfect portable size. It’s not too bright to go in the bedroom at night and we can take this outdoors to have our BBQ in her parent’s backyard. I love the collection tray at the bottom. It’s easy to open and throw out those pesky mosquitoes. We used to have a big square designed one that’s not portable and difficult to travel with. This design with the built-in hook beats our old one any day.”

“I live in New England and we have a ton of mosquitoes, so I am always on the lookout for mosquito killer lamps that will put a dent in the backyard population. This trap works well for fruit flies, gnats, and most importantly, small mosquitos. The UV light attracts the mosquitoes and you get instant results when they hit the light. It is fairly quiet and what little noise it does make is a soothing almost white noise. I am very happy to add this to our bug control system to keep those windows on cool nights without a ton of blood-sucking annoyances. Two months in daily use and holding up well worth the money.

Try Mosquito Killer Lamp


If you’re looking for a great prevention to stopping mosquitos from biting you indoor and outdoor, this is the perfect mosquito killer lamp for the job. Stop focusing on getting bit from mosquitos and start tending more to the house guests you have over. If you want to be sure to really stop mosquitos you’re welcome to buy more than one indoor-outdoor mosquito lamp.

Your family and friends will thank you at the end of the night, and we are almost positive that they will be begging them to tell them where you got these electric lamps, so don’t be greedy share this awesome product. Stay safe out there folks, and enjoy your new mosquito free living!



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