The Ultimate Guide To Picking The Perfect iPhone Case

The Ultimate Guide To Picking The Perfect iPhone Case

iPhones are quite expensive but a worthy investment considering their features. Having said that, it makes sense to protect your iPhone from external damages such as moisture, fall, dust, and others. One great way to do that is to invest in a quality case. Aside from protecting your device from external dangers, a case can give your iPhone a new look.

Today, there are plenty of iPhone cases on the market. But not all of them deserve your attention and can offer your iPhone maximum protection. 

To help you find the best iPhone cases possible that’ll suit your style, needs, and budget, read on. Here are the factors you need to consider when making a purchase:

1. Compatibility

Before you make a purchase, see to it that your prospect case is compatible with your iPhone’s size. When you choose an iPhone case that’s not suitable for your device, it won’t fit. Fortunately, there’s a wide variety of cases that can fit different iPhone models since, over the years, their sizes don’t change drastically. In fact, you can buy a new iPhone case now and use it on your latest model.

On the other hand, you need to keep an eye on older cases with features that are no longer valuable like a port for the headphone jack. For instance, the iPhone 7 that was released in 2017 doesn’t feature a headphone jack. This results in a sleeker design yet less usability. 

Nevertheless, it’s best to read the product’s description whether the case is compatible with your iPhone before placing the order. This is important, especially if you’re buying online. But if it’s not stated, you can ask the seller.

2. Design 

Pixels and other reliable sellers are offering plenty of colorful and subtle designs at all price ranges. With that in mind, choosing the design for your iPhone case is perhaps one of the most difficult parts of the buying process.

Since you’ll be using the case for as long as you have your iPhone, you need to opt for a design that you’ll be happy with. Albeit a design looks stunning and colorful, consider whether that’s your style and if you’ll get bored with it after a couple of months. 

When choosing a design, you’ll also need to consider how grime and dirt appear on the case. Because marks and dirt show up easier, a pastel or light-colored iPhone case will often require you to clean it, whereas darker options can give you more freedom. 

3. Material

The material is another important factor to consider when picking the perfect iPhone case because it’s directly related to the accessory’s durability. The majority of styles available on the market are made using highly durable materials. Silicone, for instance, is known to offer both longevity and flexibility at reasonable prices. Additionally, the most common plastic material used in the production of cases is polycarbonate. This material can offer exceptional resistance against impacts and scratches.

On the other hand, leather is mostly used in a folio case, giving a more elegant yet bulkier look. However, this model is more expensive compared to the synthetic one. There’s also an aluminum variant that offers excellent protection from scratches, though it’s believed to lessen the strength of a wireless signal. The reason behind this is metal cases may cause interference to the phone’s antenna. Thus, the phone’s signal deteriorates, causing slow internet speeds.

Wood is another material used in iPhone cases, but it’s quite uncommon because of its high cost and inflexibility. Nonetheless, wooden iPhone cases are the most unique options. So, if you want to stand out, you can never go wrong with this material.

4. Budget

Considering your budget is also crucial. Cheaper material like plastic is easier on the budget, but wood or leather can give better quality.

When it comes to your iPhone case, it’s actually an investment. The better the phone case, the better your iPhone will be protected from drops, scratches, and other external damages. According to Business Insider, most people spend around $20-29 on a new case. It means by spending a bit more, you can invest in a case that’ll protect your iPhone for years. 

5. Features 

A phone case can offer protection to your iPhone. What’s more, the same manufacturers include additional features for various purposes. So, in case you want specific features like rubber grips, shock-absorption features, a built-in stand, or something else, make sure to look for an iPhone case with such features. But make sure not to disregard the material used as well as your budget.

6. Online Reviews

If you’re planning to get your iPhone case online, reading customer reviews to narrow down your options is highly recommended. When you see a certain product that receives lots of negative feedback despite having an eye-catching design, make sure to avoid it. After all, there are plenty of options you can choose from.

In addition to that, you can check the social media handle of the sellers if they have to read more reviews from their past clients. Though it’s quite time-consuming since you’ll need to read every comment, this would help you find the best iPhone case.


Whether you want to protect your iPhone from scratches or the screen from breaking, which is one of the iPhone’s most common hardware issues, choosing the best iPhone case doesn’t have to be difficult. Remember, it’s all about considering your style and the function of the phone case. 

Often, most people get caught up in the overall appearance of the case without even considering how it can protect their iPhones, how it’ll feel in their hands, and how heavy it’ll be. By ensuring you’re getting a compatible iPhone case with the function and material you want, you’re more likely to end up with an item that you’ll enjoy and protect your device for a longer period. 

Nevertheless, nothing is stopping you from buying several iPhone cases so that you can change things up whenever you want. But make sure to consider the factors mentioned above when purchasing to avoid wasting your money.

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