Top 5 Tips for SUV Rental

SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicles and contains about a quarter of the car rental market in the USA. To measure its popularity, take a look at the top 20 vehicles list that includes 9 SUVs or SUV crossovers positions. This type of car is practical and comfortable. It is possible to take up to seven fellow travelers, still with room for luggage and packings. Also, the type of car is one of the safest and can ride in rugged terrain. So you will be flexible in case of changeable occasions. 

Pre-order the car

The tips for these versatile vehicles may be the same as for any other category. You can find cheap large SUV rentals in any rental office or online via a website. It is preferable to search for car options in advance, at least 10 days before going on your trip. You will be more flexible with prices and time there. If possible, avoid renting a car on weekends or holidays, because weekdays rent costs less. However, the rental service agent will do his best to help you if you come right after your arrival to pick up a car.

Young driver’s policy

If you are under 25 years of age, double-check if the law gives you the right to rent an SUV in the first place. In some states, there are restrictions for people with a lack of driver practice. However, you will have other options to take, any car from Economy or Convertible car rental class. That is up to your vehicle supplier, so you may find the one to make a deal with you if you are younger than 25 years old. In this case, you should pay the young driver’s fee or take care of buying insurance. Thus, read policies and compare what is better for you to choose. 

SUV deposit in the USA

As a rule, $200 is the required minimum deposit. However, the actual price will be calculated for you, depending on some particular factors. Pay attention to the type of your bank card, whether it is credit or debit, matters. Also, SUV rental classes may be different. A luxury SUV deal requires a higher sum on the deposit than a car of a standard or midsize class. 


You will need to purchase insurance to rent an SUV. As long as driving large crossovers have higher risks that you can damage it. Thus, it will be a loss for the rental SUV company. To avoid unpleasant cases, make sure to secure yourself with insurance, and they will take care of everything.

A small tip! Check with your bank if your credit car insurance is enough. If yes, there is no need to buy any other insurance. 

Unlimited mileage

Ask a rental company to provide you with a car with unlimited mileage, so you can hit the road where you want. Large SUV rental suppliers usually have different approaches to mileage policy. For example, some of them often provide unlimited miles for driving inside the state only but ask you to pay per mile when you plan to visit a neighboring state. 

Even with a small price of $0.25 per extra mile, better not to take a limited mileage deal. You will be continually thinking about your money and, in case of emergency, will pay much more than what you expected. That is true, especially for long-distance trips. Just picture that!

We collected all the related information for you and hope that you find it helpful. We wish you to get the car of your dreams and drive to your great holidays and fun! Have a good trip!

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