Trustworthiness Is Key: Make These 9 Changes to Your Online Store and Sales Will Follow

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Running a business is no walk in the park. Sometimes business is higher and other times business is slow. If you’re in a particularly low business slump, you may benefit by making these nine changes to your online store. These suggestions will increase your credibility and give your sales a much needed boost.

1. Secure Payment Processing

Be sure to have a badge pointing out that you have a secure and reliable ecommerce payment gateway. Consumers are more likely to feel more confident making a purchase with you. It shows that you care about their financial health.

2. Show Your Humanity

Don’t be a faceless business. Introduce yourself and share your story with the people. This is a great way for you to add some credibility and authenticity to your brand. An “About Us” page is the perfect place to get yourself out there.

3. Create Better Content

Content is important for online stores who haven’t yet made their first sale as well as those that are already established in the marketplace. Blogging, social media accounts and relevant ads are just some of the ways you can use content to create relationships with consumers.

4. Customer Service

Be accessible. Whether it’s via phone, email or social media, your store needs to be able to interface with customers in a timely manner. Responsive businesses tend to have much more success in the world of ecommerce. 

5. Pay Attention to Details

Make your product or service descriptions detailed and clear. When customers know exactly what to expect, they tend to feel like informed buyers and are more likely to place subsequent orders. Just be sure that descriptions and other content is realistic.

6. Clear Shop Policies

Make sure that all of your online store’s policies are clear and visible. Your return policy and shipping policy are going to be what any savvy customer will look at before placing an order with you. Free shipping is always a joy, and accepting returns will also boost your trustworthiness.

7. Freebies and Offers

Offering customers small incentives to shop can be a real boost. Whether it’s a free gift with purchase or a coupon code, everyone who’s anyone loves to feel like they’re getting special treatment or a great deal.

8. FAQ Page

Frequently asked questions can be a pain to keep addressing, that’s how FAQ pages made it big. If you can figure out and clearly address these questions and concerns, you can put many doubts to rest and secure more purchases.

9. Site Audit

Once you’ve made the changes you agree with it’s time for an experiment. Have your online store audited for trustworthiness so that you can get an objective view of how others are receiving your site. This allows you to make any other adjustments based on the audit’s feedback.


Now that you know how you can get your online store’s sales where you want them, we hope that you will love your renewed profitability. 


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