Valorant Raze Guide: Top Tips for Hardcore and Casual Players

  Are you looking to up your game in Valorant? Then you’ll need to learn how to play Raze. Raze is one of the most popular agents in the FPS game Valorant for a reason – she’s incredibly versatile and can easily take down enemies with her wide array of unique abilities.

Valorant: Raze Guide

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the most out of Raze, whether you’re a casual or hardcore player. With these valorant cheats, you’ll be sure to dominate the competition.

1. Get to know all of Raze’s abilities 

Raze’s abilities are what set her apart from other characters in Valorant.
  • Paint Shells (Free): 
Paint Shell allows her to deal massive damage to enemies, Throw the cluster grenade like a hand grenade to take out enemies in your path. Each sub-munition damages and generates more explosions, making this weapon great for wiping out crowds of foes or destroying heavily guarded objectives!
  • Boom Bot: (300 Creds)
It can clear the room of enemies if used correctly. The Boom Bot is a Heavy Seconds Nuke that will lock onto any enemies in its frontal cone and chase them, exploding for heavy damage if it reaches them. With a 125 damage explosion, Boom Bot will take out any enemy in its path with little effort!
  • Blast Pack: (200 Creds)
The blast pack’s targeting system ensures that every shot counts. Every time you hit an enemy with this gun, they’ll take 75 damage! The bomb will stick to surfaces, and you can re-use the ability after deployment for more damage. The blast pack is like a shotgun for your suit, designed to get you into places no one has gone before. It deals friendly fire damage, so be careful when using it around allies, but otherwise, this weapon will let any player take down enemies with ease!
  • Showstopper: (8 Points)
EQUIP a rocket launcher and FIRE it at your enemies! The powerful blast damages anything in its path, making this weapon perfect for taking out groups of foes or destroying obstacles. The blast from this weapon can kill even the most resilient targets with a single hit ranging from 20 to 150+ damage.

2. Use Raze’s Abilities Wisely 

Abilities are meant to be used wisely in order to be effective. Using Raze’s Showstopper boost to run into the enemy team head-on will not help you win the match. Instead, use it to position yourself for a surprise attack or flank the enemy team from behind. Use your Boom Bot when enemies are bunched up together so you can deal massive damage to multiple targets simultaneously. And use your Paint Shells when you need to deal some extra damage to an enemy target. Knowing when and how to use Raze’s abilities will go a long way in helping you win matches.

3. Utilize Speed of Raze

It’s true that Raze is one of the less mobile characters in Valorant, but she can still use her abilities to match even Jett’s gift for speed. Take advantage!

4. Stay on the move 

Raze is a character that excels at staying on the move and keeping her enemies guessing. Sometimes the best way to deal with an enemy is to simply stay out of their line of sight and wait for them to make a mistake. This way, you can pick them off one by one without them ever knowing what hit them. So don’t be afraid to keep moving and stay unpredictable.

5. Avoid Friendly Fire

The way you use your Raze abilities is critical. You need to be careful and be very cautious about friendly fire. It can easily happen using abilities like the Paint Shells and Boom Bot. So ensure you always aim carefully and know your surroundings before using Raze’s abilities.

6. Raze’s ability in Econ Rounds

The Boom Bot is a great investment for any economy round. It’s often better to buy two and some Blast Packs rather than picking up the Ghost on your first turn!


Mastering Raze in Valorant takes practice, but with these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a force to be reckoned with. Get to know all of Raze’s abilities and use them wisely in order to take down your enemies and claim victory. Stay on the move and unpredictable, so your enemies never know

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