What Carriers Are Compatible With Boost Mobile? 

What Carriers are Compatible with Boost Mobile

Boost mobile currently relies on the Sprint network to operate. This notion means that any smartphone on Boost mobile will get the same type of service as a smartphone on Sprint service. It is essential to keep in mind that not all carriers are compatible with the Boost mobile; hence you cant easily swap the carrier on your Boost mobile for any other carrier. Currently, Boost Mobile provides GSM and data to subscribers via the sprint network.

So What Carriers are Compatible with Boost Mobile?

Boost mobile currently supports the Sprint and T-Mobile carriers.

Can I Get Another Carrier On My Boost Mobile?

Yes, it is possible to switch from your previous carrier to boost when you unlock the phone. In addition to unlocking the phone, the smartphone must have previously run off a CDMA software technology compatible with Boost and Sprint.

When your Boost mobile phone is unlocked, it can be compatible with other GSM carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile that run on SIM cards. The Boost mobile phone will also be compatible with MVNOs, also known as Mobile Virtual Network Operators, smaller network carriers like Ting Credo mobile and Cricket Wireless. Unlocked Boost mobile devices will also be compatible with other major networks like Verizon.

Boost mobile is usually locked to Sprint network, but you can unlock the device to use it on another GSM service. You can’t move an unlocked boost mobile to any other network.

A Brief About Boost

In 2003, Boost Mobile was owned by Nextel, and it became the sole owner and distributor of the Boost Mobile network all over the United States of America. Sprint Corporation acquired Nextel in 2004, thus leaving Boost Mobile a subsidiary of the Sprint Nextel Company.

Boost Mobile is currently powered by the Telstra network, and the company itself is a subsidiary of the Sprint Corporation. Sprint was eventually purchased by T-Mobile in 2020, which technically means that Boost Mobile is owned by T-Mobile. The Sprint network is believed to offer a limited Bring-Your-Own-Device program to help people migrating to the network check their phone’s compatibility.

What You Should Know About Boost Mobile’s Services

You may want to visit the Boost Mobile website to learn about all its terms and conditions, and the following information is also essential;

1. Cost of Switching to Boost

As of 2020, the cost of switching to Boost Mobile is $50/month, and you can also add a line for between $30 and $60/month. These prices are subjected to the company’s terms and conditions; hence they may change at any time.

2. Why Does Boost Mobile Data Slow Down Sometimes?

Boost Mobile offers an unlimited data package, and it has been discovered that the prepaid 4G LTE data plans are sometimes throttled to 2G speed once a month only. This step results in drastic speed reduction across boards. When this issue occurs, only the things that rely on minimal data, including emails without attachments, will go through during such throttling.

Sometimes, the issue of slow data may arise from your mobile device. When there are too many active apps or tabs on your device, there will be massive demand for data from Boost Mobile, which means the speed will reduce drastically. Remember that even the fastest mobile data may not sustain too many opened apps on a device.

3. Is Boost “Unlimited” Actually Unlimited?

The Boost Mobile plan is truly unlimited, but the company may prioritize data use during heavy traffic use. This prioritization method is not peculiar to Boost Mobile only, and other network service providers do something similar.

4. What Do You Get for the Boost Mobile $50 Plan?

The Boost $50 plan gives you up to 35GB of data plus unlimited talk time and text. You will also get up to 35GB of the 4G LTE data that occasionally slows down to the 2G speed. This package also includes 12GB of data on mobile hotspots. You can make this plan a family plan where you can add up to five lines. Keep in mind that fees and all taxes are included in this offer.

5. What Happen When You Run Out of Data?

You may run out of Boost Mobile data unexpectedly, and when such a situation happens, you will still be able to receive and make calls or even send and receive text messages. You will not be charged for any data used also.

Some Frequently Answered Questions About Boost Mobile

Many unlocked phones may work on the Boost Mobile service, but many sprint devices may not be compatible. The following are answers to several frequently asked questions about Boost Mobile;

1. Can I Use a Sprint Phone with Boost Mobile?

Only the eligible sprint phones can be activated on Boost Mobile. If your device is currently on a Sprint contract, for instance, or it has been tagged as lost or stolen, then it may not be eligible for activation on Boost Mobile.

2. How Do I Know That my Phone is Compatible with Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile has provided accessible alternatives to finding out if your smartphone is compatible with the carrier. You may want t visit one of the nearest stores or go to Boostmobile.com and click on the option that says; bring your phone to check for compatibility.

3. Is T-Mobile Better than Boost?

Both companies offer great features and face specific issues regularly; T-Mobile is believed to offer more coverage than Boost Mobile. On the other hand, you may pay much less and get a better quality smartphone from Boost Mobile. T-Mobile also offers more flexible data and talk packages than Boost Mobile. It would be best if you weighed your options before signing up for any of the two.

4. Which Unlocked Phones will Work with Boost Mobile?

Most wireless carriers rely on either the GSM technology such as AT&T and T-Mobile or CDMA such as Sprint and Verizon networks. So you can use these phones on Boost Mobile, especially when they are unlocked.

Keep in mind that Boost Mobile operates on the Sprint network; hence you will need to do certain things if you are bringing your own phone to the network. If your phone is working on AT&T, for instance, it won’t work straight up on Boost Mobile because they are incompatible with one another.

5. Is Boost Mobile a GSM Phone?

Sprint network offers some smartphones with dual CDMA/GSM technology. Boost Mobile in the USA is an MVNO which means Mobile Virtual Network Operator, for the Sprint Network. This means Boost Mobile is a CDMA 2000 3Gservice. Boost Mobile is therefore capable of providing GSM service to its subscribers.

6. Is Boost Mobile Compatible with Metro PCS?

Boost Mobile is a CDMA carrier, while Metro PCS on T-Mobile is a GSM carrier. The 4G LTE on the new phones makes Boost Mobile compatible with Metro PCS. Older phones may not be compatible, on the other hand. If you have an old Boost phone without any slot for a SIM card, it may not work on Metro PCS or any GSM network. 

How To Unlock Your Boost Mobile Phone

To unlock your Boost Mobile phone, you need to make sure you have used the phone for at least 12 months with Boost Mobile. You also need to ensure that you have made payments within the last 90 days of the 12-month anniversary on Boost Mobile. You will need to contact the Boost Mobile customer care service on their line; 1-888-BOOST-4U. Follow the prompt or instruction to unlock the phone. With this unlock, you should be able to change your subscription option on Boost Mobile.

All phones sold by Boost Mobile are locked by default, and people think that the company deliberately locked the phones to keep subscribers on their services for at least a year. This is the reason why you can only unlock a Boost Mobile phone after subscribing and pay for at least 12 months.

Getting Around Your Boost Mobile’s Data Cap

It is possible to bypass the usual Boost Mobile data cap, and this is one hack almost everyone is getting to use now. To bypass your Boost Mobile data cap, you should begin by enabling the data compression feature. Some web browsers are capable of compressing huge data content that you download on your device.

Alternatively, you may choose to use a VPN with compression. Some VPN services like Hotspot Shield provide users with a data compression feature to limit the amount of data consumed. You may also want to install some data-saving apps.

People often ask the question of whether data caps are necessary. The ISPs in the United States of America believed that data caps are required to ensure that a fair service is provided to all subscribers. It has also been proven that data caps are designed to protect the paid television service providers that may be owned by ISPs. This will help protect these ISPs in the competitive market.

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