What Do I Do If My Lifeproof Case Fails?

If you have an Lifeproof case, the best thing for you to do is to contact their customer service. They will be able to help you troubleshoot the issue and, if necessary, send you a new case.

Do LifeProof cases have a lifetime guarantee?

Yes, LifeProof cases have a lifetime guarantee. If your case ever fails, you can return it, at no additional charges, for a new one.

How do I exchange my LifeProof case?

If you have a case not listed on our website you can contact us via email. Thanks!

How long does it take to get a replacement LifeProof case?

LifeProof cases can take about two weeks to get a replacement.

Does a LifeProof case protect from dropping?

LifeProof cases are nice to handle. They can also be used to protect your device from an accidental drop. They are very protective. When they are in a case they are also quite durable.

How long does LifeProof warranty take to ship?

That’s not a great thought so we’re sorry if it’s an answer for you.

Why can’t people hear me with my LifeProof case?

The LifeProof case offers a lot of protection, especially when it comes to protecting your phone from water and dust.

Did OtterBox buy out LifeProof?

There are two main factors that suggest that OtterBox has bought out LifeProof. First, both companies have essentially the same product offerings, which would be very difficult for them to continue to operate independently. Second, they have been collaborating more closely over the last few months, with OtterBox even featuring Lifeproof cases in some of its marketing materials.

Will Otterbox replace my phone if it breaks in the case?

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What case is better than LifeProof?

If your phone is lost or stolen then you might be responsible for the loss and replacement of that phone.

Are Otterbox cases bad for iPhones?

It is up to the individual if he or she wants Otterbox cases. Some people claim that Otterbox cases can cause issues, while others think they are great. In the end, it is up to the person if he or she wants Otterbox cases or not.

How do LifeProof cases work?

Your smartphone case has been designed to keep your phone safe from water, dust, and shock. It also has a built-in screen protector to keep your screen from scratches and cracks.

How do you fix a muffled sound on a Lifeproof case?

If you are having an issue with the microphone, make sure that you are not getting any muffled sound on your case. Try cleaning off the case and any dirt that is stuck on the microphone. If both of those things do not work, you may need to replace the case.

Do phone cases affect sound?

It might be a good idea to go without a case if you are looking for the best sound quality. Some cases will muffle or dampen the sound coming from the phone’s speakers.

Who bought LifeProof?

The company is known for its water-resistant products since 1990.

Who makes LifeProof flooring?

LifeProof flooring started as a company that specialized in flooring, but has branched out into products for home improvement such as countertops and other products.

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