What Do I Need To Know Before Getting An Explainer Video?

The digital marketing world has had a revolution. More and more companies manage to outsmart their competitors by using simple and straightforward explanatory videos. The essence of these videos is to give as much useful information to interested consumers as possible.

The success of using this tool depends on several factors. Often, it is not enough just to create an engaging animation sequence and add dry explanations. Developing a great product is a long and painstaking work that you won’t be able to do on the first try.

How to prepare to use a new marketing technique 

Companies that are looking for the right developers often forget about several factors that are completely unrelated to their primary task. The success of an animation explainer video depends on understanding between the brand and the end consumer.

The work on an explanatory video is based on several rules:

  1. Try to reveal the main topic as much as possible. After watching your video, consumers should not have any questions left, since you will provide them with as much information as possible. The main goal can be introducing your new product or service, as well as highlighting the benefits of your brand.
  2. Concentrate on the essentials. A story about all your new products or about the creation of your company is unlikely to hook viewers. The target audience does not like open manipulation, so they will easily see such a plan. Skip long conversations and get straight to the point.
  3. Requirements of your target audience: what are they? Marketers advise to select the category of buyers who will be interested in these services or products in advance. At the same time, a clear understanding of the needs of your consumers will allow you to reach them with greater efficiency.

Those wishing to create an explainer video can focus on each rule. Preserving your identity and openly showing your personal style will help you remember and stay close to your customers for much longer. The more details your viewers will see, the higher the likelihood of getting the correct result.

Benefits of using explanatory videos

Before you create your own explainer video, it’s worth working on your unique style. The concept of your video, the used graphics and the soundtrack will be remembered for a long time. This will increase your brand awareness and build strong associations with a reliable service or product provider.

The launch of short but informative videos has a positive effect on your company’s position in the market. Potential buyers will be able to quickly distribute the created work and introduce your services to other interested clients.

Such popularity of your video will have a positive impact on your company’s results:

  • Increased conversions
  • Growth of brand confidence
  • Increased number of sales


The choice of the length of your video plays an important role too. Often, viewers don’t wish to watch long video sequences and refuse to look at information. It will be possible to avoid this effect if you study the preferences of your target audience.

Why Explain Ninja is the best partner

Having experienced staff isn’t surprising nowadays, but it is worth mentioning this characteristic as a separate paragraph in the description of your company. Employees are ready to work on creating a video with control of characters and conceptual storyline.

Choosing the right video format is easy. The company’s portfolio includes projects led by well-known giants from various industries. Reviewing the suggested options will help you find a worthwhile idea and get the most out of it

We work on explainer video maker projects taking into account the requirements of our customers. You will be able to make sure that the development is in full compliance with your tasks and get a decent result thanks to cooperation with a responsible developer. Creating explanatory videos will benefit the development of your business in the chosen sphere.

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