What Does Reset Unworn Mean On Covet Fashion?

The covet feature is used to reset the counter, even when the item is oos/worth diamonds. This feature is useful for flashback challenges where you’re using old items to save diamonds.

How do you get top look on covet fashion?

The term used to define a look with a perfect score is Top Look (TL). The TL is a look that scored 5.8 on the scale during the competition. The maximum possible grade is 5.00, which is a perfect score. To receive a TL, players must receive a 5.00 rating from voting and maximized both bonus categories: 0.30 seasonal bonus + 0.50 unworn bonus.

How do I get more diamonds on covet fashion?

To earn diamonds you must complete Covet Fashion offers. The first of which is to download a Covet Fashion app. Another is to complete a survey.

What is the difference between classic and modern in covet fashion?

Classic Mode has a fixed style and looks like a costume, you cannot change it, but you can switch back to Modern Mode when you are done using Classic Mode. You will have all the same items in the shop.

How do I change my name on covet fashion?

Tap the three bars at the top to see your profile. To view your profile, tap your username in the upper left corner. Tap the picture in the circle to change your profile picture.

What is modern covet?

As a reaction to feedback, the game has decided to introduce eight body types and eight ethnicities, for a total of more than 50 distinct models that can be chosen and locked for all players.

How often can you borrow in covet?

If you borrowed money from a friend, you won’t show up on their “Borrow tab” until the 72 hours you borrowed have elapsed, and then you could borrow from that Friend again.

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