What Happened To My Musically Account?

If you have deleted your account, you can still get back your music. However, you will not be able to access your account to add music, download tracks, or anything else.

How do I recover my musically account?

You can recover your account in an easier and simpler way. Just log in and click on the three lines in the top left corner of the page. Under “Your Account,” click on “Music.” Under “Your Music,” you can then click on “Upload a music file.” Select the music file you want to upload and click on “Upload.

Do musically accounts get deleted?

If your account has been suspended or deleted for violating the terms of service, it is unlikely that your music will be restored.

What happened to my musical ly account?

There are several reasons why a person would have an iTunes account. It might be linked to a Facebook or Google+ account. It might be linked to a Microsoft account. Other reasons might be an Apple account, or Google Play account or a credit card.

How do I log into my old musically?

For users with no other music-streaming service, the choice is limited to their Amazon Music Unlimited library. There’s no Pandora, no Spotify, no Deezer, no Beats Music.

Why can’t I find my old musically account?

I can not answer this question anymore because I don’t have any information.

How do I find my old Musical.ly account on TikTok?

The app lets you send short messages, like, “I’m going to the market,” to your friends. The messages are between 20 and 60 characters long.

Is Musical.ly gone forever?

Musical.ly may not last forever, but it will probably be gone as soon as possible.

Did TikTok delete Musical.ly accounts?

Musical.ly was bought by Facebook and it has not been given attention until now. It looks like it is going to be shut down and Facebook will probably announce that date at some point.

What happened to the Musical.ly app?

TikTok bought Musical.ly in February 2019 and then shut it down in April 2019.

Is Musical.ly still an app?

Yeah, that’s the plan.

Why did Musical.ly shutdown?

Musical.ly was shut down in early 2019 after its service failed to generate sufficient revenue to cover its expenses. The app, which was downloaded by more than 500 million people, was closed down after it became obvious that it wasn’t making money.

Is Musical.ly coming back?

Musix.ly cannot come back.

When was Musical.ly deleted?

It was deleted on June 9th, 2018.

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