What Happens If I Delete My Imo Account?

If you delete your IMO account, your messages and profile will be permanently deleted.Your IMO account can not be recovered and all the data will be lost.

Can I delete my imo account?

Yes, if you want to delete your account you can open the imo app and go to Settings. Tap on Delete Account and follow the steps.

How do I know if someone deleted me on imo?

It’s also possible that the person sent you a direct message (i.e. ‘DM’), and the DM is not appearing in your DMs list.

In these cases, you can follow the instructions above to report that person as spam.

How can I get my old imo account back?

If you’ve forgotten your imo account password, you can reset it by visiting our website and following these instructions:

1. Go to the imo website.
2. Click “Forgot Password?”
3.Enter your email address associated with your imo account.
4. Click “Submit”
5. Check your email for a message from imo. Click the link in the message to reset your password.

Can someone access my imo account?

Someone from your account could potentially access another account if they know your login information. It’s important to keep your login information confidential and not to share it with anyone. Additionally, when you finish using the account you should log out and delete your browsing history and cookies.

How can I permanently delete my imo chat history?

To permanently delete your imo chat history, you’ll need to remove the app and then re-install it. When you open the app, it will ask if you want to restore your chat history – select “no”.

How can delete imo contact?

How to open imo contacts tab within Facebook app without Facebook account?
Facebook app is not integrated with imo, so can’t open imo contacts list. Is there any workaround?
Currently imo app is not integrated with facebook, so no luck using this solution.


There is an official solution for this problem now, after 1+ months, it’s not official yet.

How can I delete chat in imo?

To delete a chat, open a chat and tap and hold on the chat to bring up a menu, select Delete Chat and that chat will be deleted.

Can I recover deleted imo messages?

If you have synced your imo messages with your Google account, you will be able to restore them. If you have not synced your imo messages with your Google account, or if you have deleted them, you will not be able to restore them.

How can I know if someone is online on imo?

You can use the contact list to find someone. When they are online, their name is highlighted in blue. You can also look at their profile to see when they were last on and who they were chatting with.

How do you know if someone read your message on imo?

One possible way to know if the person has read your message is to use the blue dot to look at their page in your profile. If you send them a message, the dot will turn from gray to blue.

Can you use imo without a phone number?

You can either create a new account or use your Facebook account to create a new account on imo.

How can I block someone from imo?

You can also block someone from seeing your online or in-game presence by checking your privacy settings, so make sure you have these set to exclude the person you want to block.
Removing you from the friend list – this is the easiest method, as simply removing the person from your friend list will prevent them from contacting you directly.

How can I delete imo messages on both sides?

You can delete messages on both sides of your conversation from both devices, by deleting them on your and the other person’s device. To delete messages on an iPhone, open the Messages app and swipe left on the conversation. Tap “Delete” and confirm. To delete messages on an Android phone, open the Messages app and tap and hold the conversation. Select “Delete Conversation” from the menu.

Is Imo is secure or not?

Imo is a chat application primarily used for communication between
people and not just a platform for posting or sharing messages. This
means users will not be able to upload videos or pictures.

Can someone hack my IMO video call?

IMO is an application that is installed on your PC and allows you to make calls with a wide range of video call services, like Skype, Yahoo, and Google. IMO is a free application that you can download from the Google Play Store.

However, you can also make calls to people who are not using IMO. If one of your contacts does not have an IMO account, the call is not encrypted and can be intercepted and read by anyone who manages to access the call or capture the transmission.

Is imo private?

imo is a private messaging app for windows desktop. It’s designed for private conversations and text messaging among friends and family. You can also add anyone to your friends list if they have their own imo account.

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