What Happens If Uber Account Is Blocked?

Uber blocked the users who book trips using the company’s account. This prevents the problem of the fraudulent ride-hailing app users from Booking.com to change their Uber account and request trips on the platform without the user knowing about it.

How do I unblock my Uber account?

First, wait one day for your account to be automatically unblocked. Then, go to https://help.uber.com/ and seek assistance from the Uber staff. If you believe your account was suspended in error, go to the Help Center.

What does it mean when your Uber account is blocked?

It is possible that your account has been suspended because you have violated the community standards of Uber. Your permanent account deactivation is imminent.

How long does Uber block?

The app will warn drivers that they need to take 6 hours off. Drivers will have to be away from their car for a full 6 hours.

Is Uber deactivation permanent?

After 30 days you could be permanently deleted if you do not use your account. We will keep your personal information when it is necessary for a legal reason or permitted by law.

Can Uber block you?

If your rating is below four stars, you will be suspended for six months and your account will be removed, according to Uber’s community guidelines.

What will disqualify you from Uber?

Pending felonies that are not proven in your favor are problematic. If charges have not been proven in your favor, convictions for felonies, violent crimes, sexual assaults, and registered sex offender status are disqualifying.

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