What Happens If You Delete Bitmoji App?

You can uninstall if you want but you’ll still be able to access stickers of the Bitmoji characters on Snapchat.

What happens if you delete Bitmoji app?

If you delete the Bitmoji app, your Bitmoji stickers and their related features will still be accessible via Snapchat.

Do I need the Bitmoji app to use it?

Bitmoji is a type of avatar that you can use for Snapchat. You need to download it from the Apple App Store. It’s like a selfie or profile picture for Snapchat.

Can you delete the Bitmoji app?

Press and hold the phone until an “X” shows up in the top left corner. Press the X and the keyboard will be deleted. You can also go to “Settings” and delete the Bitmoji keyboard.

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