What Happens If You Delete Your Line Account?

Your phone number will be released and you will be given a new one. All of your data will be deleted. Your contacts, messages and photos will be no longer available. Nothing can be recovered.

Can someone still send you a text message even if you deleted your LINE account?

Yes, you can still receive text messages from people whose number you deleted the LINE number from.

Does deleting LINE account delete messages?

If that’s true, I’ll take a picture of a LINE message and post it on Instagram.

How can you tell if someone has deleted their LINE account?

There’s no surefire way to know if someone has deleted their Line account. However, there are a few things you can look for to help determine if someone has left the app. One is to check if the user’s profile picture was removed, their name was removed, or their username was removed from your friends list.

How do I recover a deleted LINE account?

Deleting LINE is not a simple process and may depend on the device you are using and when the account was deleted. But it can happen that you are able to sign up for a new LINE account with the same phone number.

Can people see your account after you delete it?

Yes, users can see your account if you delete it. However, your username will not be displayed in searches.

What happens when you delete LINE chat?

You can delete all of your chat by removing the LINE chat app.

How do I permanently delete LINE chat?

You can totally delete the LINE chat when you delete your LINE account. Just open the LINE app, and go to Settings > Delete My Account.

Will people know I blocked them on LINE?

They can tell if you block someone. When you block someone, they cannot see your profile or contact you. Also, when they try to send you a message, they see notification that says “This user is not available.

Is LINE safe to use?

A number of people have different opinions about LINE. Some believe the app is safe, while others think that the app is not safe. In order to find out whether or not LINE is right for you, you need to evaluate the pros and cons for yourself.

What happens if someone blocked you on LINE?

If you don’t like someone on LINE, you can prevent them from seeing your messages or profile.

Did I get blocked?

You can’t know for sure. But if you send a message to someone and you see that he’s blocked, that can be an indication that he blocked you.

Can a text go through if I’m blocked?

You can’t block someone from reading your texts unless you’re the person making the block.

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