What Happens If You Erase A Device On Find My Iphone?

If you erase a device from Find My iPhone, the device will be removed from your Apple account. It will no longer be able to make purchases or sync with iCloud, and it will not upload any location data to Apple servers. You can also use the Erase iPhone or Erase iPad functions from the Settings app to permanently delete the device.

The only way to get your device back is if someone has already been using it (or borrowing it) when you deleted it.
If you remove a device from Find My iPhone, it will still be visible on Apple’s map service. It may also be visible on third-party services, like Google Maps.

You cannot remove a lost device that you have reported as stolen.

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When you erase a device on Find My iPhone, you wipe its contents and return the device to its original state. This includes any data that was stored on the device (such as photos, videos, contacts, calendar entries, and reminders) as well as the device’s settings (such as Wi-Fi networks, cellular connection settings, and personal preferences). Erasing a lost device also ensures that the Find My iPhone feature is disabled on your account.

Although deleting a lost iPhone is a good idea in case it is found by someone else, there are some things to keep in mind before doing so:
Erasing an iPhone will not delete your username and password. If you use Find My iPhone to locate your missing phone, you can still enter your password to find it. The only way to permanently remove the device from Find My iPhone is to wipe it clean.

Erasing Using Find My Iphone

To erase your iPhone and reset it to factory settings, you’ll need a computer and a USB cable. First, plug your iPhone into your computer using the USB cable. Next, open iTunes on your computer.

Select your iPhone in the sidebar of the iTunes window, and then select Summary > Erase iPhone.
The first time you erase your iPhone this way, you’ll get an option to Erase All Content and Settings or Erase iPhone Only. If you choose Erase All Content and Settings, you’ll need to set up your phone after it’s erased.

If you choose Erase iPhone Only, the phone will be wiped clean and ready for a new set of settings. Once you’ve selected the option that’s right for you, click Erase When Ready, and wait for it all to happen. While it’s erasing, you can use Find My iPhone to track down your device if it gets lost — just sign in with the same Apple ID that was used to setup your device.

What Happens When You Erase A Device On Find My Iphone?

Find My iPhone is an Apple service that allows you to remotely track down, lock and wipe a lost iPhone, iPad or Mac device. When you disable Find My iPhone, it helps prevent someone from accessing your device. However, if you erase the device, you will not be able to locate or access it again.

This means that anyone who has access to the erased device can use it as if it were their own.
If you have erased a lost device, it will appear in the iCloud server as “Removed” but will still be able to be used by anyone with access to the Internet. If you want to permanently remove an item from iCloud, you must delete the device from your list of devices under Settings > iCloud > select the name of the item > tap Delete > confirm removal.

What Happens When You Erase From Find My Device?

  1. From your Apple ID account, sign in to find my iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap Erase iPhone/iPad and confirm.
  3. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings Erase All Content and Settings>
  4. Tap Erase iPhone/iPad again and confirm the reset. Erase All Content and Settings>
  5. Wait for some time for the reset process to finish.Enduring your patience is key here> Enduring your patience is key here>
  6. After the process is complete, go back to find my iPhone or iPad and enter your Apple ID password (if required) Enter your Apple ID password (if applicable)>. Enter your AppleID Password (if applicable)>
  7. Tap Restore from iCloud Backup Restore from iCloud

In iOS 10 and later: Go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone/iPad. In iOS 9 and earlier: Go to Settings > iCloud > Find My Device.

Does Erase Iphone Delete Everything?

Yes, it will delete everything on your iPhone, including the contents of the phone itself, all of your photos and videos, contacts, text messages, and downloaded apps. The only thing that is not deleted is the data on your iPhone’s internal storage. This means that any media you have stored on the device itself will remain untouched.

Another thing to note is that this does not mean that your iPhone will be completely erased from existence. Apple still has a copy of the information stored on your iPhone, so if you ever need to restore it or sell it as part of an estate plan, Apple will be able to recover any lost data without issue.
This does not mean that you should go around deleting files on your iPhone willy-nilly.

While many people think that deleting files simply deletes them from the device’s hard drive, in reality there are some important differences between these two processes. While erasing a file from a hard drive removes it from storage altogether, deleting a file from an iPhone only removes it from the device’s memory and leaves its information intact. So while deleting files from an iPhone may seem like a good idea in theory, unless you absolutely need to delete something right away it’s best to leave them alone.

Can An Erased Iphone Still Be Tracked?

Erasing iPhone data is the process of completely removing all of the data from your iPhone. This includes everything from text messages to photos and videos. The reason it’s important to erase all of your data from your phone is that it prevents anyone else from accessing it.

If someone knows your password, for example, they can easily access all of your personal information.
Another reason to erase iPhone data is if you get a new phone and don’t want any of your old data on it. This can be especially important if you have large amounts of sensitive information on your phone like bank account numbers or credit card numbers.

If you do this, you’ll want to make sure that the new phone doesn’t sync any of that info with iCloud or other apps. You could also choose to go into Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings on your old phone before giving it away or selling it on Craigslist to avoid being tracked by anyone who may have access to this information.

Can An Iphone Be Tracked After Factory Reset?

An iPhone can be tracked once it’s factory reset, or restored to its original state, but only if the phone has been disconnected from the network for a long period of time. Apple requires that a factory reset be performed before anything else, so it’s not recommended that you do it unless you’re absolutely sure you want to hide your tracks. After performing a reset and reinstalling all of your apps and data, any tracking app will have no way of finding you.

However, if someone were to know your iCloud password (which is tied to your phone number), they could access your phone and see where it’s been in the past few months.
If you keep the phone on and active on the network, though, that information is still available for anyone who knows where to look. Carrier-specific tracking apps are sometimes available through third parties or through jailbreaking your device, so those are always a possibility as well.

And authorities can always request a search warrant for your phone’s location history.

Can A Stolen Iphone Be Tracked After Factory Reset?

A stolen iPhone can be tracked after factory reset if the phone is connected to a cellular network. If the device is not connected to a network and therefore cannot be tracked, then there are no options to locate the phone. As long as a thief has physical access to the phone, then they will be able to use it as they please.

Stolen iPhones that have their iCloud accounts disabled can still be tracked using other methods. These methods include GPS tracking and Apple’s Find My iPhone app.
If you think someone stole your iPhone and you want to track it, there are some things you must do first.

First off, ensure that you have activated Find My iPhone on your phone. Second, ensure that the thief does not have any of your iCloud account information or permissions on your phone. If these two things are true, then tracking will be easy for you.

Having said this, there are still some things that can make tracking difficult even with these methods. The thief may have disabled your iCloud account while they were using your phone before they stole it. They may also have deleted your photos or wiped your phone clean of any data or settings.

How Long Does It Take To Erase Iphone From Find My Iphone?

Erasing an iPhone is not a one-time action. In order to erase an iPhone, the owner must perform two acts. First, they must log into their iCloud account and view their device information.

Second, they must deactivate the Find My iPhone feature within that same iCloud account. Once this step has been completed, the phone can no longer be tracked via iCloud.
For a more detailed explanation of these steps, please see the Erase iPhone guide.

The time required for erasing an iPhone varies greatly based on the type of phone and its current configuration. To find out how long it will take to erase your own device, please visit: https://support.apple.

Erased devices will remain invisible to anyone who attempts to locate them using Find My iPhone in Apple’s Control Center as well as on iCloud.com and the Find My iPhone app (for iOS 10 or later). However, they will still retain all user data stored locally on the device before erasure (such as photos and videos) as well as any existing iCloud data that may have been synced to the device prior to erasure (such as calendar events).

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