What Happens If You Log Out Of Mystic Messenger?

If you are missing from the chat, you can either log out or pay 5-10 HG to rejoin the chat.

Does Mystic Messenger save?

If “Save Data” doesn’t work, you can also use a USB flash drive in case your device doesn’t have an SD card slot.

Do you have to play Mystic Messenger everyday?

No, your data will not be saved in your Facebook profile. They say that you will need to log back into Mystic Messenger in order to resume playing.

What is the best time to start Mystic Messenger?

When you start is up to you and the experience you are going for.

How many endings does Mystic Messenger have?

There are three endings in the game. The first one is the normal ending which you can achieve by doing all of Jumin’s requests. The second one is the bad ending which you can achieve by failing to do requests. The third one is the true ending which you can only get by failing to do Jumin’s requests at least once.

Is yoosung a Yandere?

“Yandere” is not a term you would use to describe the character. Yoosung is not an obsessive and possessive person. He is not a person who will kill anyone who gets in his way.

How long does it take to finish Mystic Messenger?

The game allows you to pick between a short or long playthrough, which can take anywhere from 2-8 hours each.

Can you Timeskip in Mystic Messenger?

To skip a conversation in Mystic Messenger, press the “skip” button in the top left corner of your Mystic Messenger window.

How old do you have to be to play Mystic Messenger?

In this game you will interact with spirits that will guide you through the journey of your life.

How do you get hourglasses fast in Mystic Messenger?

Mystic Messenger is the LINE game that does not have an hourglass yet. At the moment there is no hourglass in the game. The only way to get the hourglasses is by completing specific missions, many of which are time-sensitive.

Does 707 have a good ending?

I think that 707 is great because it is about a boy who is trapped in a girl’s body. I also think that Hana’s life is horrible because she is forced to live as a boy until she is sixteen years old. She moves to a different country and changes her name to Haruto. In Tokyo, she meets a man who helps her come out of her male body and become a woman.

What is the UFO in Mystic Messenger?

The UFO appears to be a UFO, but it’s actually just a flying saucer. When you destroy it, you can get bonus points.

What does the spaceship mean in Mystic Messenger?

MC is a space traveller. He’s the captain of his ship, the spaceship, which is a metaphor for MC’s personality.

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