What Happens When I Delete My Pof Account?

Profile on POF is a good way to delete your account. If you delete your account, you can’t access it any more and won’t be able to access your data unless you contact the site.

Does deleting the POF app delete my account?

If you’re using the POF mobile app, make sure that you’re erasing your account by using the “Remove” option when you’re choosing your account to remove. You can also delete your account from your iPhone or Android if you have one. Then, delete your account from your computer if you have a computer. If you don’t have one, you can go to the POF website and erase your account from there!

How do you know if your POF account has been deleted?

Your profile may have been hidden by POF. If your profile does not appear in the search, it has been deleted. If your profile has been deleted, however, you may use a “Reset Profile” request to have your profile restored.

Why can I not delete my POF account?

On mobile applications, it is tricky to cancel your membership since the apps do not allow you.

How do I hide my POF profile?

People who want to remove their profile can go to the edit profile page. There will be a line which says “Click here to remove your profile from others.” You need to click this link and you can hide your profile.

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