What Happens When You Delete Wickr Account?

If you want to remove a user from a Wickr Pro group, you are only given the user and his or her profile name. You are not given the address and the profile picture. Therefore, you cannot easily find them.

What happens when you delete wickr account?

When you want to remove a user from your Wickr Pro account, you can go to your user profile and select “Remove this user”. This will remove this user from your network. This user will not be able to rejoin and you will not be able to see any of their activity.

What happens when I delete my wickr account?

If you want to permanently remove a user, you’ll have to remove them from your network. You won’t be able to add them back in. If you wanted to add them later, they’d have to go through the new user experience.

Can you delete a wickr account?

How to delete my Wickr account? You can delete your Wickr account from inside the app. You will have to be able to login to the app in order to delete your account. There is no way to delete an account with out the current working password.

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