What Is A Quinella Horse Racing Bet?

Betting on horse racing is a very enjoyable experience for most, with many keeping track of the action across the world throughout the season. With the growing popularity of mobile betting, there have been a growing number of ways to bet on the biggest races in recent years. Plus, the many horse racing sign-up bonuses that racing books offer are a good incentive. One of the most popular remains to exotic bets such as Exacta and Trifectas. However, one of the easiest of all the exotics to understand when betting on horse racing is a Quinella bet.

What Is A Quinella Bet?

A Quinella bet is one of the most straightforward bets in horse racing to understand, as bettors will need to simply select two horses. These selections must then finish in the first two positions in any order. Unlike the Exacta, this market doesn’t need the bettor to specify on the horse that will finish first or second, as returns will be awarded as long as your selections finish in the first two positions in the race.

Similarities To Exacta Box

Many experts will be questioning what the difference between a Quinella and Exacta Box is, as both markets theoretically do exactly the same thing. However, the big difference with the Quinella bet is that it comes from a different betting pool to the Exacta Box, meaning that there is a different payout if your selection is correct. However, aside from that, the two markets are exactly the same, as both require the bettor to correctly predict the first two horses home with specifying on the order.

Minimum Stakes & Potential Returns 

The minimum stake for a Quinella bet is dependent on where you are making the selection. For the most part, the minimum wager on this type of bet is $1, but that could rise to $2 if you’re betting on track. When it comes to winnings that is slightly more confusing, as the returns will be worked out through the pari-mutuel system. Therefore, all winnings tickets from the race will cost their share of the prize pool. Therefore, the fewer winning tickets means that the higher the amount that you stand to win. But, if the Quinella pays out the top two in the betting, then it could return a very small amount.

Exacta Betting

The Quinella bet and Exacta Box are very similar, but there is also the additional option for bettors that enable them to wager on the Exacta. This is slightly different to the Quinella, as bettors will need to specify on the horses that will finish in first and second. Both selections need to be correct in order to get returns. That is different from the Quinella, as returns will be paid out providing that your selections both finish in the first two, regardless of the finishing order.

Quinella Betting Tips

Making wagers on the Quinella market can be very enjoyable for both experienced and newcomers to betting on horse racing. However, regardless of the experience level, it is always encouraged that these tips are followed before making your selections to ensure that you stand the best chance of returns. For example, all bettors must examine the latest form of the horses involved, which means looking at the latest performances that the horse has put in, and examining the speed figures that have been recorded. Meanwhile, bettors will also pay close attention to the form of trainers and jockeys, as those with solid strike-rates could stand the best chance of continuing their good form. It is also worthwhile to look at horses and their previous experience at the track that they are competing at, as some styles could be tailor made to specific tracks.

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