What Is BL AP CP CSC In Odin: A Step-By-Step Guide

what is bl ap cp csc in odin

Samsung Odin is a firmware used to flash stock Samsung firm wares on Samsung devices. It was released by Samsung and is currently the most popular way to install stock firm wares.

Odin is a powerful tool to flash custom recovery, stock firmware, or custom ROMs on Android devices. Odin allows you to root your device and install custom recoveries like TWRP, CWM, or PhilZ Touch. 

This means that you can easily install custom mods, ROMs, and other advanced modifications on your device.

BL, AP, CP, and CSC are firmware files. If you flash your phone with the wrong firmware, you will brick it and lose all the info on your phone, such as contacts, apps, data, etc. Some of these files can be flashed using Odin tools for windows.

This article will focus on flash a BL, AP, CP, CSC file with Odin.

What Is A BL, AP, CP, CSC In Odin?

To flash the correct firmware for your phone using Odin mode, you must have good BL, AP, CP, and CSC codes. BL, AP, CP, CSC are the four main parts of Samsung Firmware. These are codes used in Odin to identify different partitions or files. 

BL is Bootloader code, AP is application processor code, and CP is modem firmware code. The codes are specific to certain Samsung devices and must be used accordingly. 

Odin is a Samsung software for flashing firm wares on Samsung mobile phones by flashing the ROM in the smartphone. You can flash any combination of multiple files or all in one go using the Odin tool.

BL – Boot Loader (Boot Mode)

BL file is used to unlock the bootloader of the device.  It’s the first part of the software. It is what initializes your device and boots up your operating system. It is written with MBR (Master Boot Record)

The BL of your phone contains the baseband bootloader, which controls the connection between your device and a cellular network. 

If you need to unlock/relock your phone’s bootloader, then you will use the BL of your phone.

This is the code that runs when you start your phone. It’s the first thing of the phone’s system to load after processing all of the hardware on your phone.

BL cannot be flashed, but some companies do allow you to flash external files via BL. One example is TWRP which will enable you to flash .img files via BL.

For Example, BL 07 07 01 00 CSC 000000 AP TMB RRC CP 0002 What do these codes mean? Bootloader Version indicates which version of firmware you currently have. In this case, it is 1.07.07

AP – Application Package

This is the code that contains the rest of the firmware. It is written with MBR (Master Boot Record) and can be automatically run when the device starts up. AP file is used for flashing the stock firmware.

It’s a single APK file that contains all the application code and resources. All APs in a given package has the same package name, but they can have different versions to represent updates or foreign languages.

This is where all of your apps are stored in addition to platform data (non-vendor specific). This partition also contains all system information such as IMEI, Phone Number, and Serial Number.

CP: Common Package (Common Package For All Models)

CP is a File firmware image. It is written in the CSC partition, and it contains all data of phones (expect BL). CP file are various for modem/baseband/bootloader.

It refers to a package installed on Samsung phones by the users after flashing their devices with Odin software and changing some files inside the CSC folder of their phones. They add new features to their phones by editing original stock Samsung.

It’s a set of files for a specific component (Activity, Service, etc.). CPs are created from multiple sources when building an Android system image from source code in the AOSP repository. Then they’re included in a system image for deployment on a device or emulator.

CSC – Consumer Software Customization  

It’s a package containing an optional set of software applications preloaded on the device at the factory. 

In addition to these applications, you can install any other APK files manually and many other mods from XDA forums.

This is what your phone is currently running. It’s the AP file, with the CP file attached to it. Whenever you flash any new ROM, it will be empty, and you will need to flash a CSC package as well, which can sometimes also include new languages and fonts.

CSC is a customization of the BL+AP+CP firmware for specific markets or carriers. BL + AP = XAR file and BL + AP + CP = FOTA file.

CSC files are mainly different in terms of regions. This code will be accessed to identify your device from other devices from the same carrier.

 Developers can also use it to identify a particular country-specific phone build and contain carrier info & apps specific to that country or carrier.


Odin is a PC-based firmware flashing tool for Android devices developed by Samsung. It also allows flash firmware and kernel images onto USB drives and smartphones connected via USB. These are usually compressed in Zip, tar, or 7z format. 

This flash tool comes with the firmware of Samsung mobile phones. It also allows us to use our firmware on our mobile phones. 

Odin will flash anything that has a .tar extension in it into the mobile phone system partition or any other partition where we want to flash it into.

It was designed to flash firmware (ROMs) onto Samsung mobile devices but can flash firmware files onto many devices running Android 4.1 or higher.

It works by placing the firmware file on your computer, connecting your phone via USB, and rebooting your phone into download mode through various methods.

Once in download mode, the software will inject the new code into your device.

It comes in three different versions: 3.12, 3.13, and 3.14 (the latest version) depending on what you need it for. 

If you are using the latest version of Odin already, there is no need to downgrade it because all the features of the previous versions are available in this one too.

Odin can be used to upgrade, downgrade, restore and even erase partitions on your device. Odin can also be used to create or install custom ROMs on your phone or tablet.

Ensure that your device and the performance of Odin are compatible by first searching for your phone’s compatibility.

Where Can You Get Odin Samsung Firmware?

If you are an Android user, your device may come with Odin pre-installed. If it doesn’t, you can download it from Samsung’s official website. You can also download Odin in .zip format from the internet and install it manually if you want to use it on other devices. 

How To Flash A BL, AP, CP, CSC File With Odin? 

The whole procedure can be split into two parts: First, you need to prepare your phone for the new firmware and then flash the file using Odin.

In general, download the Odin firmware from the official Samsung mobile website. Then you need to extract the contents of that file, which will be 3-7 files, depending on the type of firmware, and find the .tar file.

For instance, if you want to flash a T999UVS3DPH1 or a T999UVU3DPG1 firmware file on your Galaxy S6 Edge+, the codes are AP – Android OS (Kernel + Modules) and CP – Android OS (Framework-res.apk + System UI.apk + PackageInstaller.apk +, etc.)

Here’s how it works step-by-step:

  1. Download Odin 3.11.1 and extract it and install it 
  2. Perform Press Volume Down + Home Button + Power Key at the same moment until you get a warning notice on your smartphone, then reboot into Download Mode.
  3. Press the Volume Up key to continue 
  4. Press the Volume Down button to go back 
  5. Press Power Key briefly to confirm ‘Enter Download Mode’.  
  6. Use a USB cord to connect your phone to your PC. If Odin recognizes your device, it will display one ID: COM box will turn blue and say ‘Added!’ Under it
  7.  You can now proceed with adding files to it using the AP, CP or CP or CSC
  8. Extract the downloaded AP, BL, CP, or CSC file: ap_file_name.apk (if it is not already extracted) and copy the apk file to your phone’s internal or external memory (depending on which type of files you have). Also, make sure that you don’t delete the .apk extension from the filename when copying it to your phone’s storage card.
  9. After adding the files, click on Start and wait for about 10 minutes until Odin flashes the firmware and a message that says ‘Pass!‘ Is displayed.


In this article, we have discussed the meaning of BL AP CP CSC in Odin. We have also looked at a step-by-step guide on how to flash successfully. Hopefully, this guide has given you a good understanding of Samsung Firmware and how it can help you make your Odin client work for you.

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