What Is Carmodestub? Road Safety On Your Phone

what is carmodestub

More than 1.6 million car accidents are caused by drivers or pedestrians using their phones while on the road in the US. This is a considerable number, and it is a shame that not all people are responsible enough to stay away from the phone while driving.

For this reason, manufacturers such as Android try to help users be safer on the road. Some apps come with road safety features, but Android’s Carmodestub is one of the most significant ones so let us take a keener look at it;

What Is Carmodestub? 

Carmodestub is a preinstalled app on most Android devices, and it is a part of MirrorLink.  It converts your phone into a vehicle-safe device; it can also link your phone to the car’s screen so you can use it safely. 

The best part is how the app runs in the background to ensure the phone is shut down. Your phone will stay on, but you won’t get any calls or texts until the engine goes off. It will notify any callers that you are driving, and they should call when you arrive at your destination.

More Details On Carmodestub

Carmodestub is a vital feature, and it will be a big help in road security. There are some questions about this app, and hopefully, as we go along, you will get all the answers. Let us jump right into the discussion;

The Carmodestub app comes free on your device, and it will not use up much of your data. For most users, the data usage is in kilobytes which are unnoticeable on your bill. It doesn’t take much of your battery life, so it is an app that gives much more than it takes.

Carmodestub’s call and text blocking features help since they will give a driver the environment to concentrate on driving, reducing road accidents.

The car’s screen is conveniently placed for the driver to see without taking their eyes on the road. 

Carmodestub will allow you to use this screen for primary things like music since it is safer. This app is secure to use and poses no security threat to your device or system. 

Some people think it is spyware, but this is misinformation that you ought to avoid. You might have an issue with battery consumption by Carmodestub, but you can be assured that this app poses no threat to your data or privacy.

You can uninstall Carmodestub without causing any damage to your phone’s performance. However, it is advisable to first disable, just to see how your device will react to the app’s absence before permanently deleting it. 

You need to know that uninstalling Carmodestub means you will be unable to link your phone to your car screen. 

You may also require additional user benefits and third-party apps to delete Carmodestub from your device.

This is a preinstalled app, so you have no control over its operation. When you buy the device, Carmodestub already has all the permissions it needs to function correctly. It might be tempting to remove the app, but you shouldn’t. 

The call blocking might seem like a bad idea since you’ve never had an accident, but the fact that you haven’t crashed might be proof that the app works. 

With numerous threats on the road, you need to keep all your concentration on driving for your sake and others. 

The inconvenience of missing one or two calls is better than getting into an accident that could cost someone their life.

Mobile Danger On The Road

Mobile phones are common, and if you have a car, chances are, you also have a smartphone. These devices offer us many benefits in terms of communication and storage, but they are also a threat to use if misused. 

The good news is that there is a minimal chance your phone will cause cancer; the bad news is that it can cause road accidents. 

The leading cause of this is a distraction when the phone gets notifications, calls, or shows something of interest to the driver.

Research shows that cell phone users were more prone to collisions than subjects who had a few drinks. This means that a driver using a cell phone is potentially more dangerous than a drunk driver. 

This does not in any way advocate for drunk driving, but it goes to show you just how dangerous phones can be if used at the wrong time. 

Things that vie for our attention while driving reduce our efficiency, and nothing calls for attention more than your phone.

You might imagine that using hands-free devices will be better than having a phone in hand; you are wrong. 

Research proves that users with hand-free devices drive faster, but they show slower reaction time making them a significant threat.

This is because using the phone hands-free makes users believe they are focused, yet they are distracted. 

All in all, it is clear that phone calls, whether handheld or hands-free, end up leading to fewer accidents.

This is because drivers look at the road while talking on the phone, and there is not much distraction. 

However, things like texting which takes your eyes off the road for as little as 2 seconds, could have dramatic repercussions.

Commit to being phone safe whenever you are on the road. If you know someone is driving, do not call them since it is tempting to answer a call, especially from a loved one. 

Driving in itself is already dangerous, so you need all your concentration to be safe. Do not, under any circumstance, use your phone while driving since it will increase the chances of you getting an accident. 

Even if you are not driving, you have to be careful. When walking on the sidewalk or crossing the road, keep your phone away so you can see and hear everything happening around you. 

Don’t use earphones or headphones on the road since you won’t be able to hear approaching vehicles. 

If you are walking and need to make a call, stop at a safe point and make the call before moving on with your day. 

Penalty For Driving While Using The Phone

Since driving while on the phone causes so many accidents, there are some strict laws against it. It is a dangerous habit that could kill innocent people should be enough reason to make you stop, but there are punishments to enforce this.

Since 2017, punishment for holding and using a phone while driving increased as the number of cars on the road increased. 

There is no excuse to use your phone while driving, and this includes using it to check a map, social media, or text.

The current law only allows a cell phone to be used by a driver when reporting an emergency. Holding your phone to your ear is a violation, and you will pay a fine of about $136 in most states.

Texting or going onto social media while driving is more distracting and riskier to other road users. 

This is a violation, and you will have to pay a fine of $234. Cell phone violations are now considered moving violations by the new law.

This means that they will be reported to your insurance company and hike your insurance rates. Keep your insurance money affordable and avoid high fines, keeping your phone away while driving or turn it off. 

You can lose your driver’s license for this, so it is not worth it. The process for getting your driver’s license reinstated will be long, tedious, and not worth the trouble. You will also have to pay a reinstatement fee of $100. 

All these restrictions apply even when you are waiting at a stop sign or waiting for traffic. Before getting onto the road, put your phone away to ensure you don’t get tempted to use it. If you have to use the phone, pull over and safely park first.

All these penalties for answering a text or making a call, is it worth it? You probably have the Carmodestub app on your phone; use it to help save your life and money. Road safety begins with you; step up to keep everyone safe. 


Carmodestub is a feature added to most Android devices, and it is a safety feature for when you are driving. 

This app will block all incoming calls and messages from your phone while driving to make sure you stay focused on the road. 

Car accidents caused by distracted drivers are common, and the situation is only made worse by the increased number of cell phone users. A delay of a few seconds because you were on the phone could have serious repercussions.

The seriousness of this matter is empathized by the strict laws against using your phone while driving. You will end up paying a hefty fine or losing your license if you go against these guidelines.

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