What Is Com.Wssyncmldm: A Must Know Bloatware

What Is Com.Wssyncmldm

Mobile devices come with some applications pre-installed in them. And each of these apps has specific functions. 

You might find certain apps running in the background and think your phone has been hacked. It is possible when you don’t know what the app does and how crucial it is to your mobile device. 

So, if you find the app “Com.wssyncmldm” running in the background and think its spyware, you’re completely wrong. In this post, we’ll discuss what com.wssyncmldm is, including why you need it on your android device. 

What Is Com.wssyncmldm?

Have you ever come across the app “com.wssyncmldm” on your mobile device? It is a common application on android devices. 

The com.wssyncmldm is an application whose function is to check for software that requires an update on the Android operating system. It is not spyware or a virus, as most people think. 

The app runs in the background of the Android operating system and delivers notifications whenever it spots software that requires an update. 

Again, this app updater is popular on Samsung Android devices, and it might pop up on your device now and then. 

Do Android Device Users Have To Install Com.Wssyncmldm Themselves?

Most people would wish they could install com.wssyncmldm. Why? If you can install the program, uninstalling it wouldn’t be so big a deal. 

Unfortunately, com.wssyncmldm is not like other Android apps you can download from Google Play Store. It is entirely different. 

The app, com.wssyncmldm comes pre-installed in Android devices, most especially Samsung mobile devices. 

You’ll find this app running in the background of your device, automatically searching for software updates. It also searches for possible updates for Android applications that users personally installed on their devices. 

So, you don’t have to install com.wssyncmldm. The manufacturer installs it in the device to help notify you of any possible updates. 

Every mobile device user knows that not keeping apps up-to-date can have serious consequences. It would expose your device security-wise. 

Another reason updating apps and software on mobile devices is good is the phone’s functionality. Keeping software and apps on mobile devices up-to-date massively improves the device’s performance. 

Process Com.wssyncmldm No Longer Working: Several Ways You Can Fix This

Changes can happen to programs on any mobile device suddenly. An app that was working a while ago might stop working all of a sudden. 

You might not have any reason to fret when a game on your mobile device stops working. But when such happens to an app, such as the com.wssyncmldm, you have to act quickly. 

Keeping apps and software on your mobile device not up-to-date is risky. You’re unknowingly giving hackers and malware easy access to your device. 

Instead of folding your arms, consider fixing the problem with com.wssyncmldm. You can get this done in different ways. Let’s discuss each of them. 

Method#1: Clear App’s Data And Cache:  

The first step is to force stop the app. Then clear the cache and data. Here is how to get this done. 

Step#1: Visit “settings” on the mobile device. 

Step#2:  On settings, you’ll find diverse options. Just tap on “App.”

Step#3: On the App, go to the top right-hand corner. Hit the “ellipsis icon.”

Step#4: Hit the “Show System Apps” button. It will come on. Then hit “OK.” 

Step#5: Now, a list of apps will pop up. Just hit the app updater that you’re after. That is the “com.wssyncmldm.” Open its setting, and then proceed to the next step. 

Step#6:  On the com.wssyncmldm app’s setting, hit “Force Stop.” After that, tap to Clear Data and then “Clear Cache.”  

The first method is simple. But if you’re not comfortable with it, you can give the second method a try.

Method#2: Freezing App (Com.wssyncmldm) With Titanium Backup

If the first method was successful, you don’t need to try this method unless you prefer it. But if the first wasn’t a success, you can give the Freezing App method a try. 

But there’s one thing you need to have in mind about Titanium backup. It does require root access. 

So, before you start this method or download Titanium backup from Google Play, have your android device rooted. Otherwise, forget about trying this method. 

If you have already rooted your device before now, proceed with method two to get com.wssyncmldm to work correctly again. 

Please, follow the steps below.

Step#1: Visit Google Play Store on your device. Then search for “Titanium Backup.

Step#2: Download, install and launch “Titanium Backup” on your android device. 

Step#3: Once the app opens up, start searching for “com.wssyncmldm.” Once found, please tap on the app. 

Step#4: In this step, you have to tap to have com.wssyncmldm frozen. Just tap on “Freeze,” and this will occur. 

Method #3: Reset Your Mobile Device

If you have gotten the error message “process com.wssyncmldm has stopped working,” and have tried methods 1 and 2 above to fix it without success, don’t quit. Give method 3 a try. Most people have had success after resetting their mobile devices. 

So, if you were sure you followed the first and second methods correctly but couldn’t fix the app updater or you feel resetting your device would be much easier, you’re welcome to try it. 

But please, before you reset the device, ensure you have backed up your phone’s data. The reason you have to backup is to ensure you don’t lose valuable data after the process. Only a few things can be more painful than this. 

Why Do People Think Com.wssyncmldm Is A Spyware

It won’t be a surprise to hear someone call the app, com.wssyncmldm spyware. Why? It has most of the attributes people believe spyware has. It looks like an abnormal app.

You don’t need to authorize com.wssyncmldm for it to start running in the background. It does so at its discretion. 

Finding an app you didn’t authorize running in your mobile phone’s background would get most people worried. They may want to hit the disable com.wssyncmldm bottom at once. 

Furthermore, this app’s name sounds weird. It’s like a wrongly-spelled website’s name. By the way, no website name begins with a dotcom. It is supposed to be at the end. 

So, people have good reasons to call com.wssyncmldm spyware or malware. But let’s get one thing straight – com.wssyncmldm is not spyware. 

This bloatware’s primary function is to watch your apps and software for possible updates. And you know how beneficial it can be. 

So, literally, the app keeps your mobile device secured and ensures all apps, including software, function to capacity. 

Is It Possible To Disable Com.wssyncmldm?

Finding com.wssyncmldm running in the device’s background might force some persons to seek ways to disable or install it. Online, you’ll find questions like, “can I uninstall com.wssyncmldm?” 

Well, the answer is yes. You can disable the app on your device. However, the process isn’t as simple as disabling the regular app. You have to disable it with an Android Debug Bridge. 

Another option is the use of the package disabler. But before you can get this done successfully, you have to root your device. 

Why You Should Not Consider Disabling Com.Wssyncmldm  

We have discussed the function that com.wssyncmldm has. This app automatically reports updates you’re expected to make. 

Even if you disable the app, you can still update apps and software on your device. But there would be nothing to notify you again. You have to check for updates manually. And this could be time-consuming. 

Here are other reasons we won’t recommend disabling com.wssyncmldm on your device. 

  • You’ll no longer get automatic notifications on updates. 
  • Your mobile device would be vulnerable to hacking and malware since most apps and software would require updates unknown to you.
  • You may lose access to some high-security applications.
  • There is a chance things could go wrong while rooting the device. And once this happens, your device could quickly become useless. 


What is com.wssyncmldm? Firstly, it’s an app. Secondly; it is popular on Samsung Android devices. This app comes pre-installed on the device. And it performs a crucial function in mobile devices. 

You’ll find this app running in your mobile phone’s background. And what it does is automatically search for updates and get you notified. With this app up and running on your device, you won’t miss updates considered crucial to your mobile phone’s security and performance. 

We also discussed what you could do if your com.wssyncmldm app stops working. Read this post from start to finish with more tips.  

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