What Is Configapk? The Ultimate Guide To Configuring Your Phone

What Is Configapk

Configapk is a web application that allows you to download any app’s configuration file in one click. 

It also gives you access to the app’s source code, which is very useful if you plan to modify the app in any way.

It is one of the most used android applications; there are more than 1 million downloads on 

the Play Store. Configapk allows you to make your apps without writing a single line of code.

If you are new to configapk and want to know what it is and how to use it, then here in this article, we will tell you about configapk and its configuration and applications.

What Is Configapk?

Configapk is one of the most popular apps used to mod Android games and apps. It works by changing the APK file and injecting new ones into it. 

Configapk can also remove ads from apps and games, and for this reason, many people use it to make their gaming experience more fun.

Overview Of Configapk

Configapk is an application that allows you to edit apk (Android Application Package) files. It is created for developers who want to edit the code of existing applications or create their Android apps.

It’s not an alternative way to download paid applications for free. By using this app, you can get premium versions of popular apps by paying only once

Configapk allows users to edit their gaming systems on the go. It is a third-party tool that can get unlimited resources and earn in-game currency using simple hacking tricks.

Configapk helps you easily create apk’s for your custom ROMs with minimal effort, essentially allowing you to build a Rom without creating an android project.

It helps you get the latest working package files of every application on your Android device.

Configapk will get installed into your device, and then you can get any apk from the Google play store and download it for you!

Configapk is a small tool to extract the config file of any installed app. It can be used to change or add some settings to an app. For example, you can change the background image of the Twitter app with this too.

 It also helps in lowering down your screen resolution, reducing frame rates for smoother gameplay, increasing network speeds, and even increasing camera quality.

The application gives you complete control of your smartphone’s settings via APK editing. If you’re looking for a more convenient way to change the ringtone volume, display density, or any other setting on your phone, this is the perfect tool.

Features Of Configapk

The main features of Configapk are:

  • Create APKs from any android app. – No Root Required, works on non-rooted devices too – Share APKs over email, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Allows you to modify the values in the configuration file and see how it affects an app’s behavior before installing it. For example, you can change infinite lives’ value in the Subway game.
  • You can share the apk with anyone. It doesn’t require root permissions to use and is incredibly easy to use.
  • You can use Configapk to install a new boot animation or a new launcher icon pack from the Play Store without needing root access or using ADB commands!

How To Use Configapk?

The usage is straightforward to understand. With Configapk, you can see the application’s name, version number, size, installation/uninstallation permissions,  etc.

Look for the  “Configapk” icon in the application drawer of your Android phone or tablet, then choose what files you want to backup or restore. 

You can easily use it whether you are an expert user or a newbie. The friendly UI will guide you through all the steps without any hassle.

Benefits Of Using Configapk!

Configapk is the perfect app for anyone who wants to tweak their device to its core. 

With Configapk, you can do several things such as:

  • Changing dpi and  dpi of the navigation buttons
  • Changing dpi of the on-screen buttons like; home, back, and recent
  • Change your screen density, e.g., if your display is not good at viewing higher density displays or you want to make some apps look better.
  • Change animations speed if you don’t like slow transitions and more.
  • It’s a tool to change the android system settings. You can use it to remove bloatware or set default apps, etc.
  • Configapk is an all-in-one configurator for Android!
  • Configapk allows you to tweak almost every aspect of the system.
  • You can easily monitor memory, check apps running in the background, etc.

What Problem Does Configapk Solve?

Configapk is a command-line tool that helps you to extract and modify apks (Android application package). It’s useful when you need to make changes in the code of an apk.

Configapk supports Android 1.6 to 7.0 APKs in both ARM and x86 architectures. You can use it in your favorite Linux distribution or Windows with MinGW and Cygwin installed. 

It can be opened from anywhere without having to install it on the device first. Configapk uses an encrypted zip file with all the required resources and creates a custom launcher icon for your app.

This is critical if you want your app available for download from the Play Store but don’t desire to go through the process of uploading it there individually. This way, you can send people a link, and they can install and run your app right away.

It allows you to take an Android application package (APK) and compress it into a ZIP file without compression artifacts or visual degradation.

Configapk allows you to change the default language of any app, and it does not require root access for this.

It’s a great tool that helps you to convert Android apk files into XML files. It can be used to remove a language, country restrictions, etc.

This app can help you customize your android phone. The app package installer provides the ability to install APK packages on an Android device to install cracked apps or apps unavailable from the Play Store. 

App developers may also distribute beta versions of their applications for testing before releasing them on the store.

App configuration backup lets users backup application data, configurations, and even market links, making it easier to restore them if needed. 

Configapk is a good android app for those who want to change the android setting at any time. 

This app provides plenty of features you need, such as lock screen customization, theme switching, notification management, and many more. You can change your mobile easily by using this app.

Configapk lets you change the way your phone works by enabling you to do things like tweaking our notification panel, adding quick settings tiles, changing the status bar clock styles, customizing the lock screen appearance, and much more!

How To Install Configapk

Downloading Configapk is simple. Go to the Configapk website, click on the download link, and select whether you want it for Windows or Mac computers.

 Next, extract the file somewhere on your computer and launch “configapk” to get started.

When you open up Configapk, you will be greeted by a blank screen with several different options along the top of the window.

It works by storing the APKs in the cloud for easy access. Once you’ve installed Configapk, it will appear in your app drawer.

When installing an App, click it from your home screen and select “Install” to begin installing the desired app. If this happens to be an update, all you have to do is click “Update” instead of “Install.”

Drawbacks Of Using Configapk

Configapk is one of the most popular apps on Google Play, and it’s also one of the most annoying. 

This app claims to provide Android users with many useful features, but it does nothing more than spam their phone and clogs up their Android smartphone or tablet for many people.

The disadvantages of using Configapk are:

  1. It is an adware program, and it runs on all Android devices.
  2. The main aim of Configapk is to generate revenue for its creators by showing you advertisements. Consequently, this leads to slower performance of the phone and drains the battery life of your device. 
  3. This, in turn, leads to user frustration. When users are frustrated with their phones’ performance, they will often reinstate their OS (operating system).
  4. The excessive amount of ads also makes it hard for you to use your phone smoothly as they keep popping up one after the other.
  5. The application can infiltrate your PC without you even noticing it, and it can easily cause damage. If this app gets in, then you will soon begin to experience errors in specific programs.
  6. Furthermore, these errors will prevent normal processes, which means that the system will crash sooner or later.


In conclusion, Configapk is a service that offers a few benefits, such as allowing users to modify the configurations of apps, but also comes with a lot of problems. 

While it may be helpful for some people, there are many better alternatives that you could look into instead. 

I would recommend against using Configapk if you are concerned about your device’s security or avoid viruses and spyware.

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