What Is Configupdater? A Vital App For The Proper Daily Use Of Your Android Device

what is configupdater

The android users have a feature on their phones called configupdater. However, most of the users wonder what this feature is and its purpose. In some instances, some users even want to uninstall the feature from their phones.

However, the Configupdaterr app is vital since it assists in the proper function of your device. Therefore it is not a good idea to consider uninstalling it. Here is everything you should know about configupdater and why you should remain with it on your phone.

What Is Configupdater?

Some people may think that the Configupdater is a virus, but it is not. Configupdater is an android app that is crucial to the proper function of your smartphone use. The fundamental purpose of this app is to update your phone’s digital certificates automatically.

About Configupdater

You can find the app on android devices like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. The ConfigUpdater.apk file’s name is com.google.android.configupdater.  The purpose of configupdater is to update your phone’s certificates automatically. Moreover, it also keeps your device secured by updating System Firewall Configuration, Time Zone, and Security-Enhanced Linux.

The purpose of the Digital Certificates that gets updated is for user identification and authentication. In addition, one can also use the Digital Certificates for checking the security levels while using other networks. The Configupdater app updates the Digital Certificates to ensure new apps and browsers can authenticate your device. Therefore it provides a guarantee that there will be no security issues while accessing them.

The Android security suite has a Firewall to control the apps that can access the internet. With the help of configupdater, Firewall downloads the configuration updates to include new apps that can or cannot access the internet. Therefore, when you see the configupdater on your device, it would help you not to try and uninstall. It is because of its vital function.

If you want to know if there is any permission that the app requires, you can go to the configupdater settings. To go to the configupdater settings, you will first go to the settings on your device and then Apps. You will then select the system apps and select the configupdater app. When you look at the configupdater setting, you will see that the app requires no permission to function correctly.

Configupdater Is Not A Harmful App

One of the false beliefs that some android users have is that configupdater is a virus. Some users may sometimes experience the configupdater app causing some issues on their device. Therefore, it might make them think that the app is a virus, but it is not.

The role of the app is to update your device’s system. Therefore the antivirus on your device may recognize it as a harmful app. When the app causes some issues on your device, the best solution is not to uninstall it. You should stop its functionality for some time and check if there is any change in the basic Android system functionality.

Configupdater is a safe app for downloading security updates for certificates, firewall configurations, and SELinux. It does not bring any intentional harm to your device. Moreover, it also does not spy on your data.

Some people feel that configupdater is Bloatware. It is because the app uses your cellular data and system resources to download updates. However, you can be sure that the app is not Bloatware. It only uses the cellular data and system resources while checking for updates and downloading them.

Configupdater Running In The Background

Some Android users have complained that the app drains their phone’s battery. In normal circumstances, the app will not run in the background continuously. The app runs in the background only for one reason. It will run in the background when scanning on new updates and downloading them.

However, you can change the settings on your phone and instead download the updates manually. You will go to settings then system updates to manually download the updates.

Configupdater Has Stopped Working

In some instances, the configupdater app can instantly stop working. It can trigger error messages like” Configupdater has stopped working.” When this happens, several reasons might cause it. The following are the reasons your configupdater might stop working.

Overloaded Or Corrupted Cache Files

The cache file storage has a limited storage space. Therefore, there will be an overload when the size of the cache files becomes more than what could get stored. When this happens, the cache files will become corrupt.

Therefore it will make the configupdater app have malfunctions hence triggering an error message. It would be best for you to clear your cache files regularly to prevent this from happening,

The App Having Problems

Another reason why the configupdater android app might stop working is that the app itself is having issues. There may be times when the configupdater might have internal problems. When this happens, it might make the app not function properly hence making it stop working.

Firmware Issues

One of the reasons why your configupdater is not working is because of issues with your device firmware. The Firmware that your device uses also determines whether or not your configupdater will function properly.

If you use Custom Firmware instead of the Stock Firmware, your configupdater will stop working. However, there are times that your configupdater app might stop working even when using the Stock Firmware. It happens when your device’s Stock Firmware has issues.

Fixing A Configupdater App That Has Stopped Working

The first step of fixing a configupdater that has stopped working is to know the cause of it not working. You have seen that some of the reasons your configupdater might stop working are firmware issues or overloaded cache files. Once you know the reason, you can now find the solutions to fix the problem. Here are some of the ways to solve a configupdater that has stopped working.

Clear Configupdater App Cache And App Data  

Is your configupdater not working? You can solve this is by clearing the configupdater app cache and data, which is simple. The first thing you will do is go to settings and tap apps. You will then click on the Ellipsis icon, the three vertical dots, located at the upper right corner.

In addition, tap on the show system apps button, and a list of apps will get displayed to you. You will locate the configupdater app on that list and click on it. You will then tap clear cache and click on clear data.

Flash Stock ROM

You can also solve the problem of your configupdater not working is by flashing the Stock Firmware. However, it would help to remember that this method can get complicated. Therefore you should only use it when the other methods have not worked for you.

When using this method, the first thing is to download the Stock Firmware files for your device. Afterward, look for a flashing tool to flash the Stock Firmware. Some other android users may use the Samsung Odin Flashing tool to flash the Stock Firmware. On the other hand, others may use the SP Flash tool.

Stop The Configupdater Forcefully

You can also fix the problem of your configupdater not working using the force-stopping method. You will go to settings, click on the show system app button, and locate the configupdater app. Afterward, click on the configupdater app and tap force stop.

Use Package Disabler Pro to disable the ConfigUpdater app

Package Disabler Pro is a package disabler designed to disable built-in system apps that are normally inaccessible. Here’s how to uninstall this app.

  • On your Android device, download and install the Package Disabler Pro app.
  • Tap the Search button in the top bar to look for “ConfigUpdater.”
  • Tap Disable on the ConfigUpdater app.
  • Select “Yes” to confirm your decision.

Is It Okay To Uninstall The Configupdater App?

No, it is not because the app is vital to the functioning of your android device. When you uninstall the configupdater, your device will not automatically update the new certificates, firewall configurations, and SELinux. Therefore, as a result, your device will be at a risk of facing security issues in the future.

Does The Configupdater Use Your Device’s Data?

The app uses your cellular data to scan and download any new updates. However, the good thing is that the app uses little data usage.  Moreover, it only uses your data when browsing and downloading updates.

What Exactly Is A Configupdater?

The ConfigUpdater Android app is a critical app for your smartphone’s daily use. It can automatically update an INI configuration file without altering the original functionality.

Why Is The App Running In The Background?

It’s possible to see ConfigUpdater in the background because your phone is downloading an update. Usually, this application does not need to be kept running. However, in some instances, some system information or a certificate may need to get updated/downloaded from time to time.


Now that you know what configupdater is and its function, you would not want to uninstall it. The app ensures that your android device functions correctly and that it is secure. It scans and downloads new certificates, Firewall Configurations, and SELinux.

In some instances, the app may fail to work because of Firmware issues, Corrupted cache files, or issues with the app.  However,  you can fix the problem by clearing the app cache and many other methods.

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