What Is SCPM Client: The Ultimate Tool For All Android Users

what is scpm client

Battery performance is something that all smartphone users want to optimize. As a manufacturer of mobile phones, Samsung wants to offer an exceptional battery experience for its users. That’s why they have pre-installed SCPM Client on your android device.

This app can provide features that help you learn about your phone’s battery health, monitor which apps drain your power the fastest, and recommend when you should charge next.

Though android is best in class for battery backup, its users still complain about its poor performance. 

There are many reasons behind it, like; the number of applications running in the background, which consumes a large amount of CPU and drains out the battery. 

Another reason is the display brightness level is high. SCPM client is a great android app that is designed to increase the battery of your android phone. This application can save up to 15% on android phones. 

It does this by killing unnecessary background applications and services from running in the background of your phone, so they don’t consume your precious power and drain you out quickly.

These are a few features of SCPM Client, but they can do much more than what we mentioned here! 

You do not need to do anything else than scan your device once, and it will begin to function. This article will expand on the features in detail. 

 What Is SCPM Client?

SCPM is a power management system for mobile phones, which can optimize the battery life of android phones by adjusting CPU frequency and voltage, dimming screen brightness, reducing power consumption of WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

The SCPM app is only available on android phones. It is not available for IOS or windows phones. It’s known also known officially as Smart Certified Project Manager Client.

Overview Of SCPM Client

SCPM Client is an android application that optimizes battery performance in android phones. This product has been made for people who want to maximize the time they can use their phones without recharging them. 

The main target of this product is people who travel frequently and require a lot of battery life to handle multiple business meetings and social engagements during the day.

The app will work by scanning your device and optimizing its performance with just one tap. 

The SCPM client provides proprietary technology for optimizing battery performance in Android phones. 

The client’s technology solution performs static analysis on apps to identify battery-draining patterns by collecting traces of their CPU and network activities over time.

It enables you to manually set an interval at which SCPM Client can turn off your WiFi, cellular data, or both when you don’t use them. 

It also allows you to disable mobile data entirely when your device is charging. This makes sure that apps won’t sync in the background and burn your battery while the screen is off.

The optimized battery performance in android phones is done through the SCPM Client application, which does not allow apps to run in the background unnecessarily. 

Rather than consuming energy needlessly, it ensures that apps are only used when they are needed. This helps to optimize battery performance in android phones.

Sometimes, your device’s RAM can be too low for an app to run smoothly. When you use the SCPM Client Optimizer, an optimization process will start and then stop all unauthorized apps running in the background so you can maximize your device’s RAM capacity.

The SCPM is a unique program that can easily optimize the battery performance in android phones. This is an elementary program and has a small size of only 600KB to be installed on any android device.

 This program saves battery life to a large extent by adjusting the CPU frequency and adjusting the phone screen brightness to its maximum.

It’s also possible to turn off unnecessary animations or services to save power and run the GPS feature when needed. 

In addition to this, users can change their display settings manually for high-performance activities such as games or video playback.

Features Of SCPM Client

SCPM clients can be used in almost all types of android devices, including Samsung mobile phones and tablets, HTC mobile phones and tablets, etc. 

It has been developed with an attractive user interface that makes navigation easy even for a beginner. 

It has many essential features to optimize the battery of any android phone, including

  • CPU Cooler: The phone more remarkable feature of this app controls the CPU power, cools down the device temperature, reduces heating issues, and thus increases the life of your mobile CPU  
  • RAM optimizer: Scans your phone and cleans up your RAM to boost your device
  • App hibernation: This feature allows apps to hibernate in the system tray when they are not used. Hibernation will keep apps from running in the background and updating unnecessarily, resulting in saving battery life.
  • Power saving mode: It is a handy feature that allows you to control the standby times of your cell phone. You can set different modes for weekdays and weekends.
  • Battery Monitor: It offers users a clear view of their phone’s battery level and helps them manage it well for more prolonged usage before charging. Improve charging experience: 

This feature enhances the efficiency of charging time by optimizing the charging current at the right time.

  • Suspend Background Data: This feature allows you to pick which apps can use data in the background even when you aren’t using them. Apps that do not need network access will be prevented from draining your battery by accessing the internet.
  • Junk Cleaner: Delete the junk files and residual files, which cannot be customarily deleted.
  • Monitor status bar notifications: It helps you know if there are any unread messages or alerts that require immediate attention at all times.
  • App Locking – This feature helps you to lock any application installed on your phone with a password.
  • One Tap Boost: One tap boost, custom clean, and auto clean make it easy to optimize memory space and speed up the phone. You can also monitor memory usage in real-time with this feature.

How Does SCPM Client Work?

The SCPM Client optimizes the battery performance of Android phones. Learning from user behavior and using its machine-learning models intelligently selects different profiles for you based on your demands and needs.

SCPM can do this because of its collection of machine-learning algorithms: data mining algorithms, evolutionary algorithms, genetic programming, and neural networks.

 These algorithms allow SCPM to learn from user behavior and select the right profile for you. 

The app can turn off all connectivity options such as mobile data, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

Besides this, the application also makes an effort to kill all those background apps running in the background of your device without your permission. 

These applications are responsible for draining out your phone’s battery even if you have closed them down. 

Nowadays, Android phones use up to 80% of the battery in a single day due to the background running apps and poor battery optimization. 

SCPM will help you to optimize your phone’s battery life by managing system resources by allowing you to select what type of apps should not run in the background, so that battery consumption is greatly optimized.

SCPM will kill unnecessary background processes that drain battery power, such as Facebook, Twitter, or other social apps. It also kills hidden processes that drain your phone’s memory and processor power.

If your device is rooted, SCPM can control CPU frequency settings to save on your device’s performance.

SCPM clients optimize your device better than other apps by intelligently resolving memory leaks, fixing buggy system services, stopping unnecessary background processes, etc. It ensures that you to easily manage all of these settings with just one tap on your mobile screen.

Benefits Of SCPM

  • SCPM optimizes battery performance for android phones to increase the lifetime of the device.
  • This application shows you which app uses how much battery power to choose the best ones for your needs. 
  • You can also take advantage of its energy-saving features that will decrease the amount of money you spend on bills.
  • This app allows you to turn off unnecessary applications running on your phone.

Can You Uninstall SCPM Client?

No. The SCPM client (Security Center) is hardcoded into the android framework and cannot be disabled nor uninstalled. 

It constantly runs in the background. You can’t uninstall some of the pre-loaded Android apps.

Besides, it’s more beneficial to you when it’s running and optimizing your battery’s performance.


The power of the SCPM Client can not be overstated. It’s a one-stop-shop for every Android user, and it’s never been easier to manage. 

SCPM Client is one of the best tools for all Android users. It has a lot of features to make an Android device more useful. 

By using this app, you can ensure your device’s battery is fully optimized. We hope that you’ve found this review helpful.

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