What Is The Best SD Card Recovery Software In 2021?

With the emergence of data recovery software products, several solutions have been made and exist in the market. There are, therefore, several apps for PC that you can use to recover deleted files and folders from your SD card. 

While you may not have ever thought of using these data recovery solutions before, having one of the best solutions puts you in the best place to avoid the disappointment of losing data from your SD card when you most need it. Follow this link for up-to-date information on the ranking of the best SD card recovery software.

As most computer users say, it is much easier to have data accidentally deleted from the computer or even SD, and the causes are many. Some unforeseen reasons may be an accidental power failure, hardware problems, simple human errors, and even viruses. 

The good news is that you can quickly reduce the risk of accidental data loss. Although it may not be effortless to eliminate the possibility of losing data, you can now reduce the risk of permanently losing your data by using modern data recovery solutions. 

If you suspect that data has been lost from your SD card, stop using the device and start one of the best SD card recovery software to retrieve the files. Let’s look at some data recovery apps you can use to recover data from SD cards. 

What Is The Best SD Card Recovery Software In 2021?

Disk Drill SD Card Recovery (Windows & Mac)

Disk Drill SD Card Recovery is a great place to start your data recovery if you store valuable data in your SD card. While this software makes it seamless to recover data that have been more recently deleted, Disk Drill by CleverFiles has deep scan features that make it easier to search through older files and recover all the lost data types.

 The deep scan feature examines the drive and memory card ore deeply and entirely to unearth all the files that have been deleted accidentally. 

Key Features 

  • Available for most current versions of Window and the free version allows you to recover up to 500MB from your SD card for free.
  • A good user interface that makes it easier to recover photos in just a few clicks
  • Advanced scanning algorithms with the ability to recognize over 400 filetypes 
  • It is compatible with various storage devices from SanDisk, Samsung SD, Micro SD to SDHC, and CF.
  • Quick scanning and file recovery from virus
  • Supports nearly all the available types of disk-based devices
  • Deep scan to locate and reconstruct deleted files 
  • It can read a wide range of uncommon file types such as NTFS, FAT32 among many other file types.


  • Supports all file types
  • High success rate
  • RAW photo and RAW video recovery
  • Verifies recovery chances with “Preview.”


  • No portable version 

 Why Opt For The Disk Drill Software

Disk Drill by CleverFiles is software that fixes all your data loss problems no matter how complex your data loss might seem to be.

The following are some of the main reasons for using the recovery software:

  • It is user-friendly even for those who are not too knowledgeable in computer skills.
  • It can be used to recover files deleted by a virus attack and for data recovery on all types of memory cards such as the SD card, SDHC card, micro-SD /mini SD card, MMC card, and FC card.
  • You can use it to restore files ranging from video files, audio, photos, archives, and documents from mobile phones and digital cameras.
  • It has both quick scan and deep scan options that enable you to find all your missing data. 
  • It can be effective in file recovery from a virus.

Other SD Card Recovery Software

  • Recuva (Windows Only)

Piriform Recuva offers both paid and free solutions and comes with both benefits and drawbacks. However, the premium version is available for $20 and brings a few unique features to improve your data recovery experience. It, however, works on Windows only. 

  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (Windows And Mac)

Although EaseUS Data Recovery software can sometimes be slower while running scans, it helps to seamlessly recover data from SD cards, especially if you have the patience to wait for the scan to finish. 


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