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what is wondershare

In today’s device-dependent world, you need an app for almost everything. Basic, everyday tasks like ordering food or paying some bills might require you to have an app. As such, the software development industry has grown significantly in recent years.

Whether you want an app for video editing or document creation, or any other use, some companies will come to your mind. Wondershare is one of the biggest names so let’s get into the details and see what it is all about:

What Is Wondershare?

Wondershare is a China-based international Software company that is dedicated to providing fantastic PC applications for its users. Wondershare has made a long list of products, but they are best known for their video and image editing suites. 

Wondershare products are some of the best performing products in the market with a small number of bugs and security concerns. 

Wondershare Video Editor Review

If you have used or heard about Filmora, you are in the market for one of the most significant Wondershare video editing projects. 

Wondershare has sold its products under many different brand names but with the same basic layout. 

iSkysoft is one of the Wondershare video editing apps that is commonly used. When you launch the app, it will bring you to a screen to choose the aspect ratio you want to work with. There are only 16:9 and 4:3 to simplify the process for you. 

Under that, there will be buttons for either full feature mode or easy mode. You can go with the easy mode for a beginner since it won’t have too many complex settings that you dint understand. 

As you get more experienced, you can graduate to full feature mode and use all the features. The first issue you might notice in the full feature mode is that the timeline is set to 25 fps, and you can’t change it. 

This is a problem since when exporting the video, the app allows you to select the frames. You might have an issue with frames repeating themselves as you try to edit the video, which will give you a lousy video.

If your video were previously recorded at 25 fps, this would not be an issue for you. Another thing you will notice in the unregistered version is the watermark. The watermark is enormous and practically covers your entire screen, which is distracting. 

Filmora also works the same way as iSkysoft; when you launch it, there is an option for the aspect ratio and features you want to use. The features are very similar, but the interface is designed slightly differently.

It has a black look that is more stylish today, making the whole interface more professional. Filmora is also set to 25 fps, but they have settings for resolution and bitrate, which will help in improving your picture qualities.

Filmora also has a big watermark covering the video in unregistered versions, but it has better performance since it is an upgrade of iSkysoft. You will not get repeated frames despite the timeline’s 25 fps setting.

Filmora will correctly export 30 frame videos, and the output will have no repeated frames. This performance is consistent even with videos recorded at 60 fps, so Filmora is an app you should look into.

By default, you can use the period and comma to move through your video frame by frame. This is easier than scrolling with a mouse which will take you a lot of time. Filmora is not too big of a step up from the previous video editing apps

The most significant change you will notice is the handling of video frames and the app’s aesthetics. 

The licensing for Filmora is $30 per year for one PC or $50 for a lifetime on one PC. You will have to pay $120 for multiple users, which will be around 5 PCs.

The rates are fair, and you will get what you need from the app, but there is more to be done on it.

Why Use Wondershare Products

There are a lot of American companies that create good video editing and other PC software, and you could be wondering why you should go with Wondershare. Here are some facts that could sway you to choose Wondershare;

They offer you a long list of features in one app. This aspect is a significant advantage since it will allow you to change your videos to get just what you want. 

This depth also allows more users to take advantage of the app regardless of their experience level.

There are many software options, and each specializes in a given aspect of video editing. This focus ensures you get an app that goes down to minute details to ensure everything is perfect. This is better than having one app that barely touches each aspect.

The apps have user-friendly features. Most Wondershare apps have a beginner window and a full feature option. 

The beginner option allows users to learn the basics and get comfortable before advancing to more complex settings. 

Having numerous features means that there is more you can do with your videos. This will, in turn, lead to you having better output quality and capturing a bigger audience. 

Having an appropriate fee for these features is another part of Wondershare services you will appreciate. 

Having a limited number of settings allows users to learn in a friendly environment without too much pressure. 

The interfaces themselves are also friendly even to those not proficient in video editing, allowing for quick learning and use of the features. 

Security is essential, and this is something you need to look for in all applications. Wondershare does not leave any vulnerability in their frameworks, so you don’t put your system at risk by installing their products.

When it comes to compatibility, Wondershare is a good choice. This company creates a series of apps that run well on all the major Operating Systems. The apps support a wide array of video formats, giving the user more freedom to record.

Top 3 Free Video Editing Apps

Wondershare Filmora is a good app, but it might not meet the needs you have as an editor. You could also have issues raising the registration fee, and you can’t work with the watermark. It would help if you had other options that would not inconvenience you, so let’s get into it;

1. Shotcut

This app is available for all major operating systems, including Windows and Linux, making it accessible to all users. This is honestly one of the best video editing apps, and it has a ton of features you will find helpful. 

This app is free to download on all websites, and you don’t have to pay any registration fee or service charges. In addition to this, there will be no watermark on your video so that you can produce clean and high-quality work.

The app itself is easy to use despite its numerous features. If you have used any PC video editor, you should be comfortable with Shotcut after a few tries. 

2. Davinci Resolve

This phenomenal video editor comes in all operating systems and is designed to run without taking too much of your processing power. This app is also free to use and download. 

The output video will have no watermark, and it is one of the most advanced video editing software on this list. It has numerous features to allow you the freedom to do virtually anything you want to your video. 

If you have seen the Adobe premiere, it should give you an idea of what Davinci Resolve can do for you. It is a high-performing option that will provide you with an excellent platform to learn about video editing before moving to more powerful options.

3. Hitfilm Express

This is another app that offers free video editing services. You have to make sure you download Hitfilm Express since there is another option, Hitfilm, which is a version you have to pay for. 

This app is limited to macOS and Windows, so it might not be a choice for Linux users. This app might get tricky at the installation since they try to get you into the paid version. Once you finally get the product key in your email, you will be good to go. 

Hitfilm Express lacks some features that you would get in Hitfilm, but it is still a good option that will serve you well. The only catch is that it needs a powerful computer with high specs to run correctly, disqualifying most devices.


Wondershare is a big company, and it has created some fantastic apps over the years. The most significant projects and best-selling apps are video editors, which the company is best known for.

Filmora is the best Wondershare video editing app, and it will do wonders for your videos. If you are looking for a cheaper option, you can go with Shotcut, which is unrestricted, system-friendly, and high performing with many valuable features. 

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