What Model Is My Dell Laptop? Methods To Find Out!

What Model Is My Dell Laptop

If your Dell laptop got damaged in some way right out of warranty, you need to buy parts online. 

It is also very common for end-users to get a fresh new Windows installation after years of use. If this is your case, you will need to download all the drivers from Dell’s site in accordance with your laptop model. 

These situations require a user to know the precise model name/number of their laptop. So, you might be asking, what model is my Dell laptop?

You can employ several methods to find that out, like looking at the boots screen or by using windows system operation. We’ll talk about these methods below. 

What Model Is My Dell Laptop?

So, without further delay, let’s learn about our five different methods:

Method 1: Locate the Product Label

This step is pretty much a no-brainer. The laptop chassis is supposed to have a few identification stickers from Intel, AMD Radeon/Nvidia GeForce, or Dell themselves. 

Check the keyboard area, the top, or the bottom for these stickers with logos, manufacturing information, power requirements, etc.

And with any luck, you will find the family name such as Inspiron, XPS, Latitude, Precision, Vostro, or Studio, followed by a number that signifies the model. 

Method 2: Look at the Boot Screen

Sometimes the model name and number of a Dell laptop are visible on the initial boot screen. The boot screen is the screen that’s in view right before your Operating system, like Windows/Linux initiates for the uninitiated. 

Although this screen lasts only a few seconds at best, just restart your computer as many times as necessary and look carefully to see if a model name is visible.

Method 3: Use Windows System Information

As the most prominent and popular non-mac operating system, Windows has been the default factory OS of choice for Dell laptops since the very beginning. 

Incidentally, Windows makes it very easy to find out the manufacturing information of your desktop or laptop. Follow these short steps:

Step 1: Access System Information 

Go to the “Start Menu” located on the bottom left of your desktop on Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 8.1. For Windows 10, you will find the search option to the immediate right of your start menu. 

Click on the search box and search “System Information,” and click on the first entry.

Step 2: Take a Glance at the System Information

After the new window opens, look at the left side to see the box “System Summary.” Click on it, and a whole slew of information will be accessible to you on the right panel. 

From there, you can easily check your OS name/version, System name, System Manufacturer, System model, and current hardware information.

Method 4: Visit Dell Support Website

You can also determine your Dell laptop model number through the Dell support website. This method might not be the best for physically worn-down computers where the stickers are not legible. However, it is worth a try: 

Step 1: Open the Website

Use your computer’s internet browser and type the URL  “https://www.dell.com/support/” in the address bar.

Now pinpoint the search box under the title “Search Support.”

Step 2: Locate Your Unique Service Tag

Turn your laptop over; your service tag will be printed on a sticker on the bottom of your laptop. 

It will be an Alphanumeric code though the Express Service Code is made of just numbers.

Step 3: Type Your Service Tag Information

This step is as easy as typing out the contents of the service tag inside the search box mentioned above and click search.

The next webpage will show you all the available service and manufacturing information of your laptop. 

Method 5: Download Dell SupportAssist Utility

This method should be your last resort as it required downloading a piece of software that you are probably never going to use ever again. 

Follow the first step of Method 4, and to the left of your screen, you will see a blue box saying “Download & Install SupportAssist.”

Download the application and install it on your Dell laptop. This application will take care of the work for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will these methods work with my Dell all-in-one or desktop PC?

Yes, they will; in fact, the first three methods will work for any manufacturer like Lenovo, HP, or Acer.

2. Will any of these methods void my warranty?

No.  None of these methods modify the hardware or the software of your machine in any way, and they will not void your warranty.

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So then, why wait for the storage and memory upgrade or reinstalling Windows? Do it today and rejoice!

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