What Phones Are Compatible With Qlink: The Best Alternatives

What Phones Are Compatible With Qlink

Qlink is among the fast-growing lifeline service providers in America. The Qlink wireless mobile network operator is under T-Mobile. 

The primary role of Qlink is to offer free wireless services to all qualifying customers in the United States. Qlink also receives funds from Universal Service Fund to assist the low-income citizens in different territories, tribal lands, states, etc. 

The company strives to offer free wireless services such as unlimited texts, 1000 free minutes, 3GB of data, etc., to American households. To access the Qlink services, you need to have a phone that is compatible with Qlink. 

You might have been wondering about the phones that are compatible with Qlink. Here is a list of the phones. 

What Phones Are Compatible With Qlink

The Qlink wireless has several unique programs for all American households. However, you need to know that not all mobile phone devices are compatible with Qlink. 

The term “compatible” means the devices that perfectly work with the Qlink network by accepting and connecting to the Qlink SIM card. 

The phones in this list are compatible with Qlink and have great features, qualities, and varying operating systems and price tags. 

Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung brand is among the most popular in the phone industry. Samsung Galaxy S9 is undoubtedly a top-class model with high-end features and is compatible with Qlink and several other service providers. 

The phone features a fast processor and a fantastic camera. The phone has powerful stereo speakers by AKG, which offer excellent sound quality and striking visuals. 

Anyone who wants a reliable phone from a reputable brand should go for the Samsung Galaxy S9. Today it’s no longer a flagship model because of the newer and powerful models. 

However, this has brought its price down; it’s affordable and can still do advanced tasks. 

Samsung Galaxy A71

As mentioned, Samsung is a global company and brand known for its stylish and powerful phone models. The Samsung Galaxy A711 is among the Qlink compatible phones for a reason. 

The phone runs on Android 10.0 and has a 6.7 inches super AMOLED screen. The Samsung A71 model comes in two options which are 8GB with 128 GB internal memory and 6GB with 128 GB internal memory.

The 6GB and 8GB are pretty powerful and do guarantee you faster processing speeds. You can also boost the storage space to a maximum of 1TB. 

iPhone 12

The Apple Company is quite popular in the smartphone industry. The iPhone 12 is among the beautiful Apple models that will allow you to enjoy the Qlink services.

The phone has some superior features, such as the Bionic A14 chip. The chip is the most powerful smartphone chip. The iPhone 12 also features among the fastest phones and can run the heaviest applications. 

The front part of the device is made from ceramic which is so durable. The iPhone is also water-resistant and has an IP68 rating. The phone packs almost all the latest phone technologies and can perfectly work with the latest accessories such as Magsafe and Qi wireless chargers. 

LG Stylo 5

The device is so interesting; it has beautiful functionality, form and is fun to use. With the device, you will access the Qlink services, and it will perfectly fit your life. 

The device has a 6.2 inches display that allows you to maximize your view. It comes with a stylus pen that helps you use and improve your creativity. The phone camera is 13 megapixels which take amazing pictures. 

Its battery is robust, with a capacity of 3500 mAh that will indeed serve you for years. The LG brand is not famous as Apple and Samsung in the phone industry, but its devices are high quality, and this model is among the best. 

Moto Z4

It is a powerful model from the famous Motorola brand. The powerful Moto Z4 is compatible with Qlink and has a great Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. 

The phone has some fantastic features such as 4GB RAM that ensures faster processing and internal storage of 128GB that is enough to store your valuable data. Its camera is interesting; it has the night vision mode that allows you to take pictures in the dark. 

It packs a turbo battery that is easy to charge and can work for up to two days. The smartphone is also 4G enabled; you will get excellent quality services such as quality internet browsing and calls.

ZTE Tempo X 

The model is an entry model smartphone and is still so reliable to date. You can get the phone at an affordable price, and it packs high features. 

It comes with android 7.1 Nougat and has a great battery of 2200 mAh. The battery will offer you up to 14 hours of talk time with a full charge, and its camera quality is fantastic. 

Therefore, In addition to accessing Qlink services, you will get solid videos and photos. The smartphone is affordable, and this is an advantage considering its outstanding performance.

Blackberry Curve 9900

The model is compatible with Qlink, and it’s compact and lightweight. The phone comes unlocked, and this means you can use it from any part of the world. 

The phone’s operating system is 7.0, and it supports Bluetooth. The screen display size is 2.44 inches. The model’s network is the old CDMA, but it still functions perfectly. 

The 2MP camera is not powerful but has an LED flash but lacks a selfie camera. The blackberry Li-Ion battery is removable and has a capacity of 1450 mAh. It has other essential features such as a USB and great speakers. 

How To Know If Your Phone Is Compatible With Qlink?

The Qlink is here to offer the service to almost all citizens regardless of status. With Qlink, you can continue using your previous phone; this saves you from spending dollars on a new phone. 

However, if you are purchasing a new device, you need to be sure it is compatible with Qlink. Finding whether the device is compatible is so straightforward. All you need to have is a unique identifier such as ESN, MEID, and IMEI

The numbers are usually on the body of the package and phone. If not, there are several ways to get them, but it depends on the model and brand of the phone. After finding the numbers, enter them at qlinkwireless.com. 

You will receive a notification instantly, telling whether the phone is compatible with Qlink or not. 

The Qlink Wireless Compatible Phones

The Qlink phones are easy to get, and there are two ways to qualify for their phones. The first way is by applying for the phone if you fully meet the program requirements. 

The Qlink service gives smartphones to qualifying customers for free. To be eligible for a Qlink compatible phone, you should be in the federal benefits programs. Alternatively, the service provider can look at your household income. 

You will most likely get the service and phone if you or your household is a low-income earner. The Qlink program is mainly for needy American citizens such as the disabled and low-income earners. 

You can also qualify for these phones if you participate in specific government aid programs like Medicaid, supplementary home security, etc. 

Alternatives To Qlink 

Several cellphone providers offer free cell phone service. However, the plans do vary according to the different networks. 

You need to look at the plans carefully; this will help you choose a plan that fits your needs and budgets. 

Here are some of the best service providers that offer this service. However, some providers only operate in specific states and others nationally. 

Assurance Wireless

The cellphone carrier is here for low-income households. It offers free phones and services to homes. 

It has incredible plans such as minute allotment, unlimited texting, etc. It uses the sprint network. However, the company was on news headlines for distributing phones with malware. 

Standup Wireless 

The company does not give free phones; however, it offers free cell phone services to all compatible devices. 

You will get at least 1,000 minutes, unlimited texts, and 3 GB of data monthly with your device. You can access higher data caps and unlimited minutes at a cost.

Safelink Wireless 

The service provider gives free cell phones and services and is a part of Tracfone wireless. The Tracfone Company uses four major cell phone companies’ towers. 

They include Sprint, T-Mobile, the famous Verizon, and finally AT&T. The Safelink plans vary according to the state you live in.


According to rankings, the Qlink wireless rates are among the best lifeline service provided in America. The federal government sponsors the program, and its primary role is to offer subsidized phone services. 

The program is mainly for vulnerable citizens who cannot afford other expensive services. Before, Qlink did give their basic phones to the new subscribers. 

Today you can use different phones to connect to the Qlink network and services. Several phones are compatible with Qlink, such as Samsung, Blackberry, and iPhone. 

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