What to Look for When Hiring a College Consultant?

In the search for a consultant to hire before going to college, many parents get lost in the number of offers when looking through the best college consultants website. They simply do not know what to pay attention to, what questions to ask the future consultant and what skills he should generally have. In this article, we will help you understand these and other issues.

First impression

Each parent makes a number of requirements for the counselor before starting a joint work. Whoever you may find at the best college consultants websites, you will talk to them first. In addition to professional qualities, there are also universal requirements that, like a marking stamp, accompany almost every application when looking for an advisor.

Responsibility, punctuality, initiative, and other adjectives are integral ingredients of the mental “cocktail” that should help the applicant feel confident and comfortable with his future consultant.

Pay attention to: 

  1. Punctuality. If, before the appointed introductory conversation, the consultant asks to postpone it and does not explain the reason for that, then it is better to refuse this collaboration right away. The habit of being late is incurable and such cooperation will lead nowhere.
  2. Professional knowledge, motivation, and compliance with the declared competence. Of course, you do not need to ask quick wits questions, but you need to ask about the past experience of such work, its results, and the consultant’s qualifications.
  3. Belonging to an organization. The consultant must necessarily belong to the national (consulting) organization. If he does this work outside of any organization, then he is probably afraid of checks and it is better not to get involved with him.


How to determine the professionalism and even the intelligence of any person from the first conversation? The opinion that speech is an indicator of intelligence is so obvious and indisputable that it hardly requires additional proof. And it’s not just how skillfully your potential consultant is using professional terms, but also how he speaks in general. Consistent speech, first of all, confirms his literacy, and rhythms and intonation can say a lot about self-confidence.

It is worth paying attention to how often the interlocutor uses “words-parasites”, how he reacts to questions, and finishes his phrases. He should speak calmly and clearly, but with firmness in his voice. After all, he will prepare your child for admission, and not become his friend for entertainment. Look carefully through college consultants websites and think about what you want to find.

The trust

Of course, all the attention of the future counselor should be directed to your child and his success. What subjects is he interested in? What does he like to do? What are his strengths? And which college would all these qualities of your child suit? A true professional will always find answers to these questions and give you the result.

It is important to find a counselor who will reduce, not increase, your family’s anxiety about going to college. He should help you understand and learn about the different colleges and what they offer. The focus should not be on “admission,” but rather graduation, with an emphasis on what is best for your child rather than on the prestige of the school.

When looking for a counselor, do not hesitate to refer to the best college consultants websites. Thanks to such resources, you can quickly and accurately determine who you need. Also, keep in mind that you may be filtering candidates for one quality and your child for others.

It is more important who suits your future college student better because it is he who will work closely with the consultant. And that is why your child should feel comfortable, this is the only way their work will be productive.

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