What Will Happen If I Delete My Microsoft Account?

When you close your Microsoft Account will get blocked. All the saved data from the games and services on Xbox will also be cleared. Also the data of the Xbox Live will be locked.

What will happen if I delete my Microsoft account?

Once Microsoft terminates your account, you are unable to use any of the apps that you pay for because they use Microsoft account to access the data. The data is also inaccessible after your account is canceled.

Will deleting my Microsoft account delete my Gmail?

Microsoft is unable to delete your Gmail email account. The system will delete the Microsoft account that was set up in the background and the Microsoft account will have the same number as the Gmail address.

What happens if I delete Microsoft account?

If you close a Microsoft account, you can’t access these products and services. Also, you get the option to delete all data associated with it, including emails, documents, videos, and photos. OneDrive is also available as part of this.

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