When You Delete Your Bumble Account Does It Still Show Up?

If you have already deleted your Bumble profile from Settings, you’ll need to relaunch the app or go to play.google.com. From there, sign in to your Google Account and you’ll be prompted to delete your data.

How long does it take for a Bumble account to delete?

If you want to cancel your account, make sure to tell us in your request what your account’s status is. We will tell you when the cancellation process is done. This usually takes between 15 to 30 days.

How do I know if my Bumble is deleted?

If the above isn’t convincing enough for you, you can check your conversation window. You might be able to see if a message is gone or not. That’s because it will say “We regret to inform you that his user has departed.” if your match is deleted.

Can you tell when someone was last active on Bumble?

But you can guess when someone was last on Bumble by looking at their matches. You’d be able to see a line connecting their last Bumble match to their most recent chat. If you can see a recent message from them, you’d know they’re currently using the app, and if you can’t see any recent messages, it’s likely that they haven’t used it in some time.

How do I know if my boyfriend is on Bumble?

It is unlikely there will ever be a check to see if your partners are using Bumble. So the appeal of being able to check on a dating site has been eliminated.

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