Where Are My Thunderbird Emails Stored?

The problem occurs when you save the folder inside your computer. The file is located in the application folder, which is saved inside your computer’s memory. For Windows users, the file can be found in %AppData%. For Linux and Mac users, the file can be found inside the “thunderbird” folder inside the home directory (~).

Where are my Thunderbird emails stored?

The folder is located in the Windows directory C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird or Linux’s home directory (~) or Mac OS X’s Library-Thunderbird.

Where is the Thunderbird inbox file?

You can also see the location of the thunderbird database by using the “Edit” button and then hitting the “File” tab. “Local Directory” displays the folders in which your email files are kept.

Can I reinstall Thunderbird without losing email?

Thunderbird is installed as a program that runs directly on your computer, instead of as an extension of user data. It follows that any issues you’re experiencing with multiple accounts may persist even after reinstalling the software.

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