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Recently, you can see that the Stories format has become popular on social networks. These are short videos (up to 15 seconds) often accompanied by music or cut frames. The trend is that now almost all social networks have introduced this format and are focusing on it. But why is it so widespread and why does not everyone need to buy Instagram likes in 2021? You will learn about this in this article.

Why is this format popular?

Those who have been following Internet trends for a long time know that short videos have not always been one of the main ways to attract an audience. Previously, more interesting content for users was long videos in which you can find out a lot of information. However, about a decade ago, the vine format was popular. These videos lasted a few seconds and usually contained some kind of joke. Over time, the audience got tired of this and the vines are a thing of the past. But the passion for short and concise videos has not disappeared anywhere.

At some point, similar formats began to appear, such as Instagram Stories and TikTok. Thanks to the development of this innovation, account owners have become much less likely to buy likes on Instagram. From that moment on, they were able to attract a large number of people by posting trending videos.

Of course, the spread of this format is a consequence of the fact that the modern user does not want to spend a lot of time reading long posts or watching hour-long videos. It is much easier and more interesting to watch short videos that contain some useful information or entertaining content.

Who is this format for?

It may seem to many that Stories are only suitable for publishing entertaining content, namely various jokes to music, dances, pranks, and so on. However, it is worth considering how often we see Stories of online stores or IT companies on Instagram. Agree that quite often. This format is great for business. It will allow you to quickly and efficiently promote your store or company.

For example, if you own an online clothing store, then you can publish short videos with an overview of new models. Users do not always scroll through the feed of posts, but they usually look at the Stories of all accounts to which they are subscribed. Consequently, a large number of people will find out about the appearance of a new collection of clothes.

It is also very convenient for news portals. Breaking news can be arranged in Stories format so that none of the readers missed them and looked at them as quickly as possible.

Summing up, we can say that Instagram Stories is one of the main trends in this social network now. Even other social networks are implementing this for themselves because it generates positive feedback from the audience. If you are just starting your blog, then you should think about shooting such short videos, because this will allow you to retain and increase activity in your account, which has a good effect on statistics and promotion.

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