Why Did Care Com Close My Account?

This should make sense I had been using this account to sell services as a Home Healthcare worker. I have sold many services as a Home healthcare worker, and have done so on many websites including Care.com.

How do I get my care com account back?

If you have lost your account then you can follow the instructions on the “Lost Account” form to see if we can recover it for you.

What does it mean when a job is closed on care com?

When a job is closed, it means that the employer has either taken the job off Care.com or has yet to create their account.

How do I talk to someone at CARE com?

When you want to talk to someone at CARE, you should call the number provided.

Does care COM automatically renew?

The automatic renewal is valid for the amount of payment you made for the first subscription.

Is it easy to cancel care com?

Getting to cancel can be a hassle, but it can be done. It is best to contact Care.com directly and ask for cancellation.

Why does care com charge now?

It’s safe to say that Care.com as a company has taken on the role of a social network, providing a market for families and the caregivers of those families to find each other. It has also provided customer care services to customers searching for caretakers.

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